10 Best Gundam Games, Ranked According To Metacritic

The Mobile Suit Gundam The series has enjoyed long success in anime, manga, and video game form. The story has spanned generations in its own universe and in the real world. Fans were able to immerse themselves in the world of Gundam through electronic media, and of course, by building models.

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When it comes to the Gundam video games, there are many offerings, ranging from art style to gameplay. There are tactical RPGs, turn-based strategy games, third-person shooters, fighting games, and an upcoming first-person hero shooter in development. For now, the deals on offer span console generations, and while reviews have been harsher on critics’ ratings, fans have enjoyed the deals year after year.

ten Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Hits A 65

The third entry in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam The series, released on PS3 and Xbox 360, fixed a handful of issues fans had with the previous two titles, as well as adding new modes and more mobile suits. The developers opted for a cel-shaded art style, rather than the standard 3D of previous games, which better reflected the anime style.

As the Dynasty Warriors series, Gundam 3 has players completing missions across levels tearing through hordes of basic enemies and then taking on elite enemies. Fans could also control their favorite mobile suits and battle iconic suits. The Dynasty Warriors the series is ideal for insane battles, and the Gundam the aesthetic adds a sci-fi flavor, especially for anime fans.

9 Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy has a mediocre 66

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy acts as a companion game to Free-to-Play Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 on PS4 and PS5. Both games link data so that progress and unlocks can be carried over. Operation Fairy Codehowever, is a story-based single-player game.

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The game combines visual novel-style cutscenes with anime cutscenes amidst third-person action combat stages. Players can issue orders to AI companions and upgrade suits and pilots. The gameplay is fun and mirrors that of its online-only counterpart, so players looking for more story from the Free-to-Play game should definitely check it out. Code Fairy.

8 Mobile Suit Gundam: Space Orbit Encounters with 66

Mobile Suit Gundam: Space Encounters is a third-person shooter released for the PS2 in 2003. While many Gundam battles take place on planetary surfaces, this game, just as its title suggests, focuses on space battles. The story is divided into several shorter chapters that span several years.

Players can pilot a wide variety of iconic mobile suits and numerous melee or projectile weapons. Zero-G environments mean battles give players a full 360-degree combat experience. There was also a multiplayer mode where players could go online or play against bots.

seven Gundam Versus fought for a 68

Released in 2017 on PS4, Gundam vs. was the fifth iteration in the Gundam vs. series of games. It retained the traditional two-on-two matches, but also introduced three-on-three matches. Players take control of a mobile suit, choose their partner(s), and battle against another team of mobile suits.

Players can compete against other players online or take on AI Gundams in standard matches or in Survival Wave mode. In addition, Gundam vs. gave players over 180 combinations to unlock and play, offering a wide variety of possible combos and playstyles.

6 SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays settles down at 71

SD Gundam Z Generation Cross Rays was released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 in 2019. It is a turn-based strategy game set in the Gundam universe. The story covers the battles of the Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Gundam 00 and Gundam Iron-Blooded-Orphans periods.

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Players embark on conflicting missions in the timeline of events in each two-part series. The first lets players control the cannon mobile suits, but the second part lets them build their own mobile suit team to fight. crossed spokes is a fun tactical RPG adventure for fans of those eras of the Gundam universe.

5 Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front deserved over 71

Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front launched on PS2 in 2002 and gave Gundam fans a new perspective on one of the series’ famous wars. While the anime covered the Year-Long War from the perspective of the Earth Federation, this game put players in the costumes of the opposition, the Zeon. The third-person shooter puts players in control of a decent variety of mechs, embarking on missions to take out enemy forces from familiar locations.

Although the story focuses on Zeon’s point of view, players can unlock Federation pilots to use during the campaign. There is also a cutscene viewer which added a longer recap movie, voiced by the game’s main character, and covers the events of the entire Year-Long War. Great graphics and gameplay, coupled with the alternate view of history, made this game a favorite among fans, but not critics.

4 Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs. Sion Fought to a 73

Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs. Zion was originally an arcade game in Japan but was ported to PS2 and Dreamcast in 2002. The story takes place during the Year-Long War and allows players to choose sides, either fighting as Earth Federation or Principality of Zeon.

This third-person shooter gave players zero-G ground and space battles to fight. The ground battles were fun, but the 360 ​​degree space battles really added strategy and excitement to the gameplay. For fans looking to play an authentic representation of the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs. Zion is a great choice, even including much of the show’s music.

3 SD Gundam Battle Alliance Reached 74

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is the latest offering in the Gundam franchise, launching in August 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Like other SD games, the Gundams featured are a “Chibi” art style, making them look like smaller, squished toys.

Battle Alliance follows a story that spans multiple generations of Gundams, allowing players to play alternate timeline battles and replay them with the correct enemies to reset the timeline to how it should be. Additionally, players can unlock and customize tons of mobile suits and select two partners to join them in each battle. This third-person action RPG is great fun for long-time fans of the series and newcomers alike.

2 Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. MaxiBoost ON explodes in 78

Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. MaxiBoost Enabled is another Gundam game that started with an arcade version popular enough to warrant a console port. In 2020, the arena fighter was released on PS4, giving gamers a fantastic experience that truly captured the frenetic and epic action the arcade game has been providing since 2016.

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Unlike previous versions, the player’s stats are updated instead of the mobile suit’s. There’s a split-screen mode for local battles and dozens and dozens of mobile suits to unlock and play. This fighter has a ton of depth and fan service for longtime Gundam fans.

1 Gundam Battle Assault 2 leads with 80

Gundam Battle Assault 2 was released on Playstation One in 2002 and was a sequel to the original Gundam Battle Assault. It was a 2D fighting game and one of the first original Gundam games released for an American audience instead of Japan.

The sequel added 3D backgrounds, replacing static ones, additional health bars to reflect armor levels, and an expanded story mode with fully voiced cutscenes. It also added Time Attack and Survival modes. With over 20 mobile suits to choose from, this fighter had great mechanics and a great way to sort out the anime’s epic battles.

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