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The WWE 2K series is now on its eighth entry and they really revamped the title on its latest release. No matter what entry fans are playing, there are always hidden inclusions that players might not have initially expected to encounter.

These hidden details can be based on inputs, certain moves that can be pulled out, or gameplay options that no one knew were actually possible. The series has flirted between being a simple simulation and something a little more arcade-based and these hidden details make that a little murkier. While the list will largely focus on the latest entry, some of these surprises apply to older WWE 2K titles as well.


The ring can be broken

wwe 2k ringtone breaking

Ring breaks were a general OMG moment that could be applied in previous WWE 2K titles. Before OMG Moments existed, it was still pretty easy to pull off the surprising instant knockout ring-breaking move. However, with the changes made to WWE 2K22, it’s a little more difficult to reach the moment.

It’s still there though, hidden deep within the gameplay. Supplier92 learned that the move could be successful, saying “Still figuring out what exactly causes them, as I can’t find it in the settings or the move list, but I’ve most consistently achieved success with Andre the Giant (needs a Super Heavyweight, maybe something to do with the combined weight of the two wrestlers).” They also noted that to work the opponent must have a low amount of health!

A wrestler’s walking style can change

Top WWE Series games ensure that specific character details are included that reflect the sports artist. 2K is always looking for ways to make the title feel more authentic and showcasing something as simple as a walk can be one way to do that.

User AleisterMobs makes an interesting assertion of their time playing the title. They say “I actually found that if you press the left stick, your character’s walking style changes. It’s just a small thing.” It’s definitely a neat inclusion that should give digital wrestlers more personality!

Fall on the middle rope

619 WWE 2k

The 2K series has really mastered the ability to set up a popular movement perfectly. Some maneuvers, like the 619, require the opponent to rest on the middle rope before it is removed. But how can the player get them there? Well, at the very least, they can drag them to the ropes.

There are, however, other opportunities to send the opponent into the ropes. RedGoldEmerald said: “I know a back dropkick and the running hurricane, but I’m not sure about the others. It’s just hard to get it right because the opponent has to go straight into the ropes, they don’t can’t enter at an angle.” This is definitely a game for hardcore fans to master!

Some wrestler-specific moves cannot be performed by anyone else

Somoa Joe WWE 2k

The character creation suite allows players to create their perfect Superstar. They have all sorts of tools available and one of the most exciting aspects of WWE 2K22 are the extended options when it comes to Create a Wrestler mode. However, incredibly popular moves associated with specific characters cannot be assigned.

Perhaps to ensure that these moves remain limited and specialized to the most well-known user, RedGoldEmerald also broke this down by saying “There are moves that are hidden but cannot be attributed in creating a moveset. Samoa Joe’s corner uranagi reversal is the one I can think of from the top out of my head.”

A suplex out of a ladder to the outside is possible

wwe 2k ladder match

Whenever an Extreme Rules match is launched, players will be well aware of the range of weapons at their disposal. The ladder is a particularly dangerous piece of equipment that can be used, and there are even ladder matches where the metal structure is the primary focus.

One hidden move players discover is the use of a ladder suplex. Supplier92 explains it best by stating “if you move the ladder so your back is a little closer to the ropes, the suplex will throw your opponent (and possibly yourself) completely out of the ring. Aim for it on a ladder bridge for vicious results.” This is a nifty trick to take advantage of in a match.

There are hidden themes and entries

WWE 2K22 Wrestlemania Announcement Tease

Games similar to the WWE 2K series probably wouldn’t copy this specific choice, given that it hides one of the best elements of any wrestling-based title. But the 2K series has always included a range of hidden music and entrance animations for players to discover.

Sure, it’s fun to assign them to an existing wrestler, but shouldn’t there just be easy options to choose from at the start in a more accessible way? Regardless of, a Reddit thread has continued to keep up to date with all musical entries and accompaniments discovered so far.


Xavier Woods hosts his YouTube channel UpUpDownDown

Easter eggs are always fun to spot, especially for fans who know everything there is to know about the WWE landscape. A surprising nod was to Austin Creed, Xavier Wood’s YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. Specifically, the brand manager series he played alongside Tyler Breeze.

User LordOfTheGallows went into detail saying “Playing myGm I found some nice little shout outs to Upupdowndowns Battle of the Brands when you draft Xavier Woods or Tyler Breeze. For Woods, Michael Cole sometimes says something like ‘I m I was expecting him to direct the show himself, but nonetheless what a great choice! With Breeze, Graves called him “Prince Petty” and Cole called him “The Master of the Prove Yourself Match”. “This is a great inclusion for those who love YouTube gaming.

Break the fourth wall

Does WWE 2K22 have cross-platform support Sasha Banks

It’s always fun to see how the game will interact with the player, when it’s not an issue. The fourth wall breaks, acknowledging that this is actually a video game version of the WWE Universe, is a brilliant way to get a quick laugh and not take it too seriously. Not moving the character at all is one way to do this.

Editor HisFirmanHimself stated that “I saw on a youtube video where if you don’t move the wrestlers during the match, the announce team will break down the 4th wall and laugh at you (the player).” It’s a trick players are going to have to try now, to see what kind of sarcasm the legendary Corey Graves will come up with!

Hidden renders

WWE 2K22 Bray Wyatt Cuts Content

With many WWE releases, it was difficult for 2K to truly create a roster and title that represented the current landscape of the wrestling company. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of characters got cut, even though they were actually being created.

Players have discovered that these original renders and even animations are still present in the title. When asked if they are actually usable CanadaSoulja noted that “They are hidden and some of them are only usable in MyFaction. However, you can go and download the models with their hidden themes and trons in Community Creations.” 2K even went in and turned some hidden MyRise characters like “Goddess” Alexa Bliss and Dominik Dijakoivc into playable characters.

Situational entries

Entrance of Eddie WWE

Some wrestlers have classic trademark entrances that don’t always air on TV. They are saved for certain arenas or maybe major pay-per-view events. It turns out that the 2K series, in particular WWE 2K20included these entries under the right circumstances.

User Kill_Kayt shared their experience saying “Today Eddie Guerrero had his first PPV match (he’s had many normal show matches before). Anyway, he’s out in the lowrider… Now, I know that entry is in the game, but I never gave it to him. And on the weekday shows, he was going to the ring as usual. That kind of inclusion allows the game to feel more real and true to life.

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