10 people who hate video games (until they don’t)

We have come a long way in the gaming industry.

From its humble beginnings with simple sprites, the game has evolved into a big-budget AAA game, and games get more and more ambitious over time.

With this, more and more pressure is put on the developers to come up with the next big game that raises the Metacritic score as high as possible. You would think that in order for this to happen, the developers would have all the time they needed.

This is not the case ; publishers continue to regularly offer games that are just not ready for public viewing. It happens over and over again, and since we live in an age of patches, there seems to be a ‘release this now, fix it later’ mentality going on.

That said, the fixes give games another chance to make a difference. There have been many examples of games that stood out with an initial negative reception, but later turned the game around and turned hate into love for many players.

Although it received critical acclaim, the original incarnation of Destiny did not appeal to gamers so well.

Introducing the big, awe-inspiring new take from the developers of Halo Bungie, a new shared universe multiplayer shooter. On the surface, it looked pretty good: the shooter was tight and precise, and the mechanics of movement and the new world seemed fun to explore.

However, when you got to the end, Destiny had a real problem. The fun was gone. Instead, you had a pretty shallow endgame that was little more than a repetitive routine, and players quickly started to get fed up with a game they were meant to play for years to come. .

In response to this, Bungie made several expansions and fixes for Destiny that slowly introduced exciting new raids to the proceedings, meaning its reception over time has gradually improved.

Along with the Taken King expansion, they also completely eliminated Peter Dinklage as your companion AI Ghost in favor of Nolan North, which we’re sure we can all agree to be a much better change. and not having to listen to Dinklage gossip about moons anymore.

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