10 Video Games You Didn’t Know Were Sequels

Some video game franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Sonic, and Solid metal gear have spanned dozens of games and several decades, with fans eagerly awaiting each new release. Games like the recent Origin of Final Fantasy may celebrate serialization with wild abandon, however, more than a few games would rather hide their sequel status.

There are plenty of reasons to make a stealth sequel. Maybe a game doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, whether for pride or marketing reasons. Perhaps the shared-universe nature of the game is actually a major twist. Either way, there are plenty of fans of classic games who may not know they belong to other franchises.


ten Control – Alan Wake

Control Alan Wake Expansion DLC AWE

Control was a fantasy shooter with bizarre speculative fiction elements and surreal horror around every corner. Fans of Remedy’s previous work may find similarities to Alan Wake. This is definitely intentional, as both games take place in the same universe.

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This is highlighted in the Alan Wake Downloadable content in Control, A websitebut before this release there were more subtle references. Control is about a government organization that contains supernatural events. Models, artifacts and references related to the “Bright Falls” location of Wake are found throughout the establishment.

9 Days Gone – Siphon Filter

Days gone and siphon filter couldn’t seem more unrelated at first glance. siphon filter is a late ’90s spy and spy thriller; while Days gone is a post-apocalyptic survival game from the late 2010s in the Pacific Northwest. Other than a shared developer, the games share no obvious connection.

In siphon filter, the main characters must prevent the release of the titular bio-weapon. In Days gone, a mysterious biological weapon has created a zombie apocalypse. It’s no coincidence – in interviews, the developers said that the siphon filter caused the apocalypse in Days gone. Players can even find the iconic weapons of the protagonists in the game.

8 Bomberman (NES) – Lode Runner

NES Bomberman explores a maze next to Lode Runner.

Many people refer to the bomber game on NES like the first bomber Game. There are actually two PC games that predate this game, but this is the first appearance of the Bomberman design. However, this isn’t the first appearance of the familiar Bomberman character either. It’s because the endgame binds it to the dark lode runner game world.

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lode runner is a story about the titular character battling against a robotic empire. In bomber Handbook of NES, Bomberman is a robot in the service of an empire that seeks to escape and become human. At the end of the game, he does and transforms into the Lode Runner so he can’t be the Bomberman in later games. That technically makes it a prequel, although the Game Boy bomber Title Atomic Punk would act as a sequel to these two games.

7 Snatcher – Metal Gear (MSX)

Metal Gear appears in Snatcher and Meryl from Snatcher appears in Metal Gear.

Hideo Kojima has developed a large number of games and is known for placing obscure references to his work everywhere. And while Solid metal gear would become one of his best-known works, there are many others in which Kojima played a part. His adventure game, Thieffor example, is positioned as a sequel to the original MSG games, with the events of the franchise mentioned as occurring far in the past.

This is exemplified by the main character Gillian having a robot in the style of a Metal Gear. This game is also the first appearance of Maryl Silverburgh, who would become an important part of Solid metal gear. However, due to complications in the metal gear chronology, Thief seems to have been slowly removed from canon, but its characters still appear in MGS4 and 5.

6 Nier-Drakengard

The cast of Drakengard goes next to the young Nier.

At Yoko Taro Drakengard and Deny are some of the most ambitious stories told in video games. One of the purposes of Drakengard sees the final boss teleported to Earth where the protagonists defeat him. It’s a weird ending that feels like an out-of-context joke.

The corpse of the final boss, however, has devastating consequences for Earth. It releases a disease called white chlorination syndrome which drives human beings mad and violent. the Deny games deal with the impact of this disease on the world. This makes the series a sequel to a unique joke ending.

5 Code Vein – God Eater

Code Vein characters have weapons based on God Eater.

2019 Code Vein is best known for being one of the best anime-tinged 3D Soulslike games. It features challenging combat and a variety of customization options. The game sold well but came and went without much fanfare. Perhaps it would have marked the minds of the players more if the god eater the link was more explicit.

god eater is a post-apocalyptic story about a race of evil omnivores called the Aragami. These creatures can actually be seen in Code Vein when the red mist is lowered. In addition, several weapons of god eater can also be achieved. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as the games share the same development team.

4 Ace Combat 3 – Dig dug

Ace Combat 3 has ties to Dig Dug and his sprites.

ace fight is a series with a relatively grounded premise of dogfighting. Although the series never explicitly occurs on Earth, it generally features a grounded setting. Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere has a connection to games like dig dug and what’s even more shocking is that this connection has been slowly building for years.

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The United Galaxy Space Force is a military power created to Galaxian 3. She and related organizations like United Galaxy would appear in several seemingly unrelated titles, connecting them. Ace Fight 3 features General Resource Limited and Neucom Incorporated, organizations that manipulate United Galaxy. Over 300 years later dig dug occurs, which features a member of this United Galaxy force, planting them in the same universe.

3 Captain Commando – Final Fight

Metro City is home to Final Fight rogue battles and Captain Commando justice.

Beat-em-up style arcade games are fun, but they’re usually light on the story, so fans may wonder what the contemporary final fight and the futurist Captain Commando have in common. Turns out they actually take place in the same place. Metro City is the city that Mayor Mike Haggar and the City Commando patrols.

Other references can be found in Commandolike the Ninjas trained at the school of Guy and the busts of Haggar. final fight also shares a universe with Capcom Street Fighter Series. This has led to theories about Captain Commandothe potential link. There is a popular theory that Street Fighter VI’s Luke will log into the game somehow.

2 Wolfenstein 3-D – Commander Keen – DOOM

Commander Keen and Doomguy show up in the Wolfenstein title hallway next to a soldier.

The identification software is known these days for creating the first person shooter game. They did this with Wolfenstein 3-Dalthough some prefer to call LOSS the first with its improved gameplay. Before one or the other is Commander Keen. It was a platform shooter about a kid with a ray gun, and it’s a quaint but fun time.

It’s hard to imagine Keen next to the serious heroes of id’s other titles, but he’s connected. The protagonists of all three games are linked by being members of the Blaskowitz family. This makes Wolfenstein a prequel and LOSS a suite. This is slightly confused by Enthusiastic cameos in both franchises.

1 Shadow of the Colossus – ICO

The Ico Windmill and the Shadow of the Colossus beast in a double pack.

The shadow of the colossus and ICO inspired beautiful fan art as two of the most ambitious and visually stunning games on the Playstation 2. In the era of the Playstation 3, these two Team ICO titles were bundled together. Indeed, if the stories of the games are subject to interpretation, the end of Colossus leads to the events of ICO. It’s strongly hinted that Wander ends up becoming the Horned Boy in the end after regressing to baby form.

Both games also feature remarkably similar themes such as human sacrifice and nature. There is also a theory that the third Team ICO game, The Last Guardian is also connected. Its connections are much looser, but the Bluepoint remake of Colossus adds locations from Guardian in the world. If true, that would make the games a trilogy. These connections are unconfirmed, however, so fans will settle for a nice Playstation 2 duology, and that’s fine.

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