12 Unexpected Adventures You Can Have in Scottsdale, Arizona

There’s so much more to do in Scottsdale than just lounging by the pool and eating tacos, but then again, it sounds like the perfect vacation, doesn’t it?

Here are 12 unexpected adventures you can have while exploring Scottsdale, Arizona.

1. Drink the wine of a rock star

Using hyper-local ingredients and serving its own Arizona wine, Merkin Vineyards in Old Town Scottsdale is a low-key, high-quality place to dine and drink. Tool frontman Maynard Keenan is the owner and head winemaker, so you can literally sip a rock star’s wine.

2. Paddle alongside wild mustangs

You can float, raft or kayak the Salt River and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see these stunning wild mustangs cooling off in the water nearby. Join REI Co-Op Experiences for the ultimate guided experience.

3. Enter a new dimension

Once you enter Wonderspaces and have a drink at the bar, you can step into new dimensions in this colorful gallery. It’s the perfect place to cool off from the Arizona sun while taking a new profile picture in front of one of the jaw-dropping screens.

4. Fly and picnic in the desert

If riding in a hot air balloon is on your to-do list, let Hot Air Expeditions take you on a peaceful float through the desert landscape. You’ll hear wild donkeys braying, see hares scurry among cacti and be treated to a spectacular sunrise before descending and having a picnic breakfast – totally surreal!

5. Have one last fiery drink

Inside the luxurious Fairmont Princess Scottsdale Resort, there’s La Hacienda, which is consistently ranked as the best modern Mexican restaurant. After your meal, be sure to order a specialty coffee served with a fireworks display at the table.

6. Time Travel

Jump back in time to the 1960s Valley Ho Hotel, a lovingly restored mid-century modern hotel. Rumor has it that this is where the stars have always gone to hide, and Drake was spotted relaxing in the lobby. So if it’s good enough for Drizzy, then you’ll want to stay here too. Get a tour with hotel concierge Ace Bailey, she’s got all the tea.

7. Have private time at the pool

It’s totally surreal to have a sparkling pool all to yourself. The Fairmont Princess Scottsdale Resort has six pools if you like water, and the Valley Ho Hotel in the city has two, and neither place is so busy that it’s impossible to find time for swimming. private swimming pool.

8. Have amazing seafood

So you don’t usually associate the Sonoran Desert with great seafood, but you can magically find delicious Seafood in Scottsdale. From Faroese salmon at The Mission to sushi at Toro Latin Restaurant and Rum Bar to grilled cod tacos at Diego Pops and seafood with perfect produce at FnB – you’re never far from good fish.

9. Feel like you’re on Mars

As soon as you arrive in Arizona, the landscape will capture your imagination. Step out into nature at Papago Park where you feel like you’ve walked across the surface of Mars, except with more cacti.

10. Shopping for the unexpected

Scottsdale is surprisingly a shopping mecca. You can buy yoga pants made on-site from old water bottles at Yoga Democracy, pick matching t-shirts with your friends at the pink Rolling Rack boutique, and more.

Plus, book lovers will swoon over The Poisoned Pen. It’s got small-town vibes and piles upon piles of unique reads, especially if you’re in the mood for some poolside mystery reading while on vacation.

11. Take a trip to Polynesia

Tacos and Tiki drinks are on offer in Hula’s modern Tiki Old Town, a bustling place to catch your breath between the shops while you shop in Old Town. Like a vacation within a vacation, you can escape to Polynesia in Arizona.

12. Take a boozy train ride through the Rockies

Bars tucked away inside the Century Grand include:

  • Undertow – an underwater themed Tiki bar
  • Gray Hen Rx – a vintage New Orleans bar
  • Deck 18 – a cocktail experience aboard a real train car with video window screens that simulate a ride through the Rockies.

No matter which bar you sit in, you’ll have one of the most unique drinking experiences of your life.

The author of this article was hosted by Experience Scottsdale.

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