8 video games with confusing titles

The title of a video game is the first thing any potential player sees of it. A good title will attract a curious gamer to learn more about this mysterious game.

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Sometimes, however, the people behind the scenes of the game go too far when coming up with the title. This can lead to confusing results. There have been times when this error is the result of a translation error on the part of the publisher, but other times the game is simply titled confusingly on purpose.

8 Ninja Baseball Bat Man Isn’t Everyone’s Favorite Crusader

Reading aloud the title of this arcade game might confuse anyone who is not familiar with this beat-’em-up arcade style game. It has absolutely nothing to do with Batman. In this game, the player takes control of the holder, Ninja Baseball Bat Man. There are several Bat Men that other players can control.

If the title of this game isn’t enough, the game features over-the-top and baseball-themed enemies including a flying baseball stadium and responsive baseball gear.

seven Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance title is confusing enough to attract curious gamers

MGR for games with confusing titles

To fans of the Metal gear franchise, the titles of these games were fairly straightforward. But what’s not so clear is where a title like Metal Gear Rising: Revenge just. Of course, once the title is reviewed, players find a masterpiece of an otherwise insane game hidden underneath.

Game mechanics, like blade mode, add an extra layer to Metal Gear Rising it’s worth coming back to, and the title is what attracted so many new fans to the Metal gear series.

6 Kingdom Hearts 358 Days / 2 is still an absurd title, even with its explanation

KH Days for Games with confusing titles

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series aren’t as phased by confusing titles like this. Kingdom Hearts 358 days / 2 is the main reason why this is the case, as it was the first to come up with the strange naming convention.

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The meaning of 358 days / 2 is that it represents three hundred and fifty-eight days in the life of two people. Even with this explanation, it’s still a confusing mess for players to try and figure out. The titles only increased in confusion, the latest being the HD remasters and the final HD remaster under the full title, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Prologue to the last chapter.

5 Street Fighter Zero 2 makes a lot of people scratch their heads at first sight

SFZ2 for games with confusing titles

Usually, when a game title is numbered with zero, it is a sign that the game itself is a prequel to the game that came before it. So what does it mean when a game with Zero in its title is called Zero 2? The simple answer, in this case, is that this is an updated version of an already existing fighting game. More people know the North American title of this game, Street Fighter Alpha 2. So fans wonder why the Street Fighter Zero 2 title has appeared abroad and everywhere else.

4 Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha is a hilarious and confusing parody of Street Fighter titles

Dead Rising 3 DLC for confusing titles

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha ‘The title parodies the exaggerated nature of street fighter series. Now this game can get away with it because it is owned by the same publisher as the street fighter Games, Capcom. This DLC of Dead Rising 3 adds some pretty colorful and over-the-top gameplay to an already pretty over-the-top game. It adds new playable characters and more competitive multiplayer mechanics.

3 The title of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is a mixture of contradiction and confusion

tactical ogre games with confusing titles

When ogres are mentioned to players, there’s usually a mental image that goes with them, the clumsy brute beasts that are tanks. To associate the term “tactic” with such a creature seems almost contradictory as it goes against the common stereotype of ogres.

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Ogre Tactic: Hold On Together is a tactical RPG, so the title makes sense in the context of the genre of the game. Where it quickly falls apart is the other half of the title and the gameplay itself, since the player isn’t necessarily in control. the ogres.

2 Irritating Stick’s Boxart isn’t the only confusing thing about it

stick itchy confusing titles

There is a lot to say about the PS1 title, Irritating Stick just glancing at the in-game box. It’s similar to a lightsaber used from a first person perspective, but it’s not the only weird part that gets a first look at Irritating Stick. The title itself is a riddle that makes gamers more curious about what is the content of this game. Essentially, Irritating Stick is a simple maze game where the only objective is to reach the end of the maze without hitting any wall.

1 70s Geppy-X anime robot: super boosted armor looks like a description, not a title

geppy x confusing title

70s Anime Robot Geppy-X is one of the most confusing titles on Playstation 1. The basic premise of 70s robot follows Geppy-X, a robot, which takes place in the 1970s. 70s robot introduces Geppy-X as he ventures through various levels of side scrolling shooting on a quest to save the world.

70s robot encompasses four disks in total and has nine levels in total despite this number of disks. The length of the title is its most confusing part, when it really could have been shortened to Geppy-X.

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