A rugged seven-seater electric SUV ready for your adventures

Tesla needs to get in shape and get the Cybertruck out ASAP. Otherwise, upstarts like Rivian will take a sizable share of the electric pickup truck and SUV market. Not everyone is a fan of the avant-garde geometric design of Elon Musk’s next ride. Fortunately, there are sleek contemporary alternatives like the R1S.

Find out what Rivian is doing for its range. The R1S displays a look that is not too much. Aesthetics aside, its SUV model comes in three trim packages. As always, let’s go with the premium option and what it brings to the table.

The Launch Edition, as they call it, comes with a quad-motor setup for exceptional on- and off-road performance. Its electric powertrain produces around 835 horsepower and 908 lb-ft of torque. It packs a huge battery that can get you over 320 miles depending on motor configuration and wheel size.

Just like Tesla, the automaker plans to build the Rivian Adventure Network. A network of fast charging stations across the country. Now you can go on an adventure without anxiety. The R1S is a powerful and robust electric SUV.

It can wade through up to three feet of water, navigate tough terrain, and tow up to 7,700 lbs. Rivian describes driving on the road like that of a sports car. Depending on the selected ride mode, ride height, pedal response and suspension stiffness will adjust accordingly.

The R1S is available in several colors. Enter the comfortable cabin which features an all-glass panoramic roof. The interior features wood trim, vegan leather, a Rivian Elevation audio system from Meridian, and even a detachable Bluetooth speaker. It is one of the best electric SUVs currently on the market.

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