Accessories for 4 players from the World Series game

The Astros are a proud team with plenty of playoff experience and won’t crumble with their backs against the wall. Find out why we support their culture with our picks for match 4 player accessories, featuring Yordan Alvarez.

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Wow, what a night the Philadelphia Phillies just had in the World Series – they couldn’t stop hitting home runs en route to a 7-0 victory. Philly now leads the series 2-1, opening the door to a decisive fourth game for the Astros tonight.

I said we had to swipe our betting card, and we got it. We cashed in two props plus-money, and our prop “Lance McCullers hits” at 3 for 3. For the World Series, we’re running hot at a clip of 7 for 9. So let’s keep that momentum going tonight.

How will the Astros react after a loss? Can Bryce Harper stay hot? Find out more in our MLB World Series Game 4 prop picks for the Houston Astros vs. Philadelphia Phillies.

Astros vs. Phillies prop picks

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Astros vs Phillies Game 4 accessories

Another place where the number might be more appealing, but the value is too important to ignore. Let’s take Bryce Harper for a hit tonight. My projections pegged the price for this prop at -225, which is a huge plus over the best number I can find right now.

There are many suspicions that Astros pitcher Lance McCullers tipped the scales last night. Looking at the evidence, it’s pretty hard to deny. However, I doubt it contributed much to Bryce Harper’s continuing streak of hard knocks. He’s had a hit in every postseason game but two so far. If you were to rate this with this raw data, this prop would be around -600. Tonight, Harper gets Christian Javier on the mound for the Astros. I quite like this game.

This is strictly a numbers game. Javier is dominant, but with the playoffs Harper has had, he shouldn’t be valued at that friendly price. With that in mind, I would look for him to continue his patient approach to home plate and attack Javier’s off-speed throws. Most of them have produced negative run values, and Harper is hitting off-speed pitches at the second-highest clip of any Phillie this postseason.

Accessory of Bryce Harper: To get a hit (-160 to FanDuel)

DraftKings has opened up an exciting market for the World Series: which pitcher will give up an earned run first. It’s different from the first team to score, because if neither pitcher gives up a run, both teams lose. For this reason, its price is also different. For example, the Astros are a pretty firm favorite to score first at -150, but Aaron Nola is priced at -120 to give up the first earned run. I’ll be happy to take advantage of the 30 cent discount.

As I’ve written a few times in these prop previews, the Astros aren’t going to be quiet because a culture rooted in their success has worn them so many times. This is another place I expect this to happen in a must-play game. At the start of the series, I expected it to last the full seven games. I haven’t seen anything so far that suggests this should change. I expect the Astros to win tonight, but I’m even more confident they’ll get off to a better start than the Phillies. They followed the first loss of the playoffs with five unanswered runs, including three in the first inning. I wouldn’t be shocked to see something similar tonight.

The Astros have scored the fourth-most first-inning runs in MLB this season. That number rose to second after a loss. They don’t have to score in the first inning to cash out this bet, but it’s a great way to qualify as they are great rebounding candidates. Back to the culture of the Astros.

Aaron Nola sustain: Aaron Nola allowed the first earned run (-120 at DraftKings)

Similar to the setup we had in Game 2. We have a situation tonight where there is a glaring “bad pitch” for a Phillies pitcher, and several Astros players hit that pitch hard. In this case, the pitch is the change, and the hitters are Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker.

The change produced an 8-point value this season for Aaron Nola — the hitters smoked it. The problem in both of these hitting games is that if he throws the fastball, they can sit on it. This rings especially true for Alvarez, one of baseball’s best fastball hitters. Due to his nature of not wanting hitters to get their “preferred pitch,” Nola is going to have to concede and throw stuff off-speed. These two players have the highest team hard hit rate of any Astro player against the change. Alvarez, who has been a little quiet lately, ranks in the Top 25 in all baseball against them.

I have this price at +145. There’s tremendous value in taking one of the hottest hitters in this series and pairing him with one of the best. The Astros have their backs against the wall tonight – they need their best players to step up. It’s another way to support the Astros culture and bet it does. Hopefully it comes in the form of a longball. We like our chances.

player accessory: Yordan Alvarez or Kyle Tucker hit home (+175 to DraftKings)

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