Actress Chloe Moretz downloads Destiny 2 after recommendation

Modern celebrities are much more open about their gaming habits between projects, and Chloe Grace Moretz is no exception as she prepares to dive into the sci-fi fantasy shooter. Destiny 2. The actress’ love for video games shows all over her social media, whether it’s talking about her regular game rotation or giving some quick thoughts on the recent Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta. However, one interaction seems to have been enough to convince the former Hit-Girl to venture into The Last City and join the Guardians in their ongoing fight against The Witness.


Destiny 2 is currently in its fifth year of content, kicking off with the release of The Witch Queen expansion in February 2022 and pits the Guardians against the cunning Hive God Savathun. The story continued in Season of the Risen, which saw The Last City and Cabal Empress Caiatl cement their alliance, and Season of the Haunted, a season centered around the return of Calus and Leviathan to orbit the Moon. . Season of Plunder is the current season and saw the return of Eramis, forcing players to join forces with The Drifter, Mithrax, Eido, and The Spider to prevent him from acquiring mysterious Darkness artifacts.

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Moretz’s interest in the looter shooter was apparently piqued on Twitter when she asked about the games to help fill the time after the modern warfare 2 beta. She’s been through her current game rotation, which includes two Call of Duty Games, Final Fantasy 14and grand theft auto online. Twitter user deRanged Shaman simply replied with “Destiny 2“, which seemed enough to convince the actor to download the game.

The actor’s love of gaming has been well-documented throughout his career, ranging from roles in high profile games to promotion with some of the biggest companies and personalities in the space. In the case of the former, her most notable role was that of Emily Kaldwin, the kidnapped princess of the islands, in 2012. Dishonored from Bethesda and Arkane Studios. As for the latter, Moretz has been fortunate enough to work with Alienware, Angry Joe, and Achievement Hunter, to name a few, in one way or another to promote new products, in the case of ‘Alienware, or as part of press tours. for his own films.

As mentioned above, she recently shared her own enjoyment of the modern warfare 2 beta on Twitter, which seemed to catch many in the Call of Duty community off guard. She openly stated that she was “obsessed” with the game and played “non-stop” while it was live, going so far as to share her position in the leaderboard of one of her matches. Moretz later clarified that her previous post was “not an advertisement” and that she is a “genuine fan” of the show.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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