After Reaching 20 Million Downloads, Koo App Seeks More Growth

New Delhi: The Made in India micro-blogging platform – Koo – which enables Indians to express themselves online in their native language – has reached the milestone of 20 million downloads. This growth is driven by the intrinsic need of Internet users to express themselves, to engage and to converse online in the language of their choice, without imposing English translations.

The microblogging platform promotes multilingual expression – allowing people to converse in 10 languages ​​such as Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali and English.

The platform, which has 5,000 verified accounts (called Eminence at Koo) across politics, sports, entertainment, media and spirituality, is now on course to hit 100 million downloads l ‘next year.

The Koo app announces all that India celebrates. From films, cricket and sports to festivals, politics and poetry; the platform enables conversations on topics of interest, currently in 10 languages ​​– thus celebrating the spirit of India. The availability of these languages ​​on the Koo app has enabled the creation of communities in each of these languages, encouraging users to explore and engage with prominent figures from their respective language communities and celebrate festivals unique to their culture.

Additionally, the platform’s innovative features enable real-time translation of a message into multiple languages, while retaining the context and sentiment attached to the original message.

This amplifies a content creator’s reach beyond their language community, improving the reach of engagement with a wider audience.

In the near future, the platform aims to create more innovative product features, add more native languages, and deliver exciting events to multiple language communities. The Koo app was recently ranked #3 in the list of the next 5 most popular digital products in all of Asia-Pacific (APAC) – in a report by US product analytics company Amplitude. Koo was hailed in the report as a “social media platform with a unique differentiation for its predominantly Indian user base”.

The platform is the largest Hindi microblogging app in the world, as well as a significant presence in the other languages ​​offered. The Koo app aims to bring online expression to every city and town and provide a platform for every voice across India.

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