Atari celebrates its 50th anniversary and will bring games to Stadia – Phandroid

When it comes to gaming, there’s no doubt that Atari is one of the biggest names around, and the company is a vital talking point when it comes to discussing the growth of gaming culture. , especially in North America. The video game giant recently turned 50 on June 27 and announced that it would launch the “Atari Recharged” series for Google Stadia, among several other activities on its 50th anniversary, as well as an exclusive interview between CEO Wade Rosen and founder Nolan Bushnell. .

Simply put, Atari Recharged will introduce several classic games to new (or veteran) gamers, which will be available on Google’s game streaming platform. According to the company’s statement, “The Recharged series updates classic Atari games for current-gen gaming hardware and adds gameplay features that appeal to modern gamers, including particle effects, power-ups, cooperative play, and soundtracks. original songs by award-winning composer Megan McDuffee.”

Four games will be included in the initial launch, which includes updated versions of classics like “Asteroids”, “Black Widow”, “Breakout” and “Centipede”. Another title, “Kombinera”, will be available later in September.

Besides developing and publishing games, Atari also sells hardware in the form of the Atari VCS, which the company describes as a “mini-PC designed for the living room”.

Atari Recharged will launch on July 1 for the Stadia store, though Stadia Pro subscribers can claim it for free.

Source: Atari

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