ATM Card Template Ration Card, Successful, 95,000 Downloads on Day 1 – The New Indian Express

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The ATM card model ration card is gaining ground among the population. Many people download the new format which is available for free on the Civilian Supplies Service portal. As many as 95,000 downloads were recorded on day one and the number has trended upward, a source said. Cardholders can download the new format through Citizen Login on the Department of Civilian Supplies website or through Akshaya Centers.

The document is available in PDF format and can be printed on PVC or plastic cards from anywhere. The government does not charge for downloading. Akshaya centers would charge £ 65 as a service and printing fee. The specification of the card provided by Akshaya centers is at least 0.76mm thick, 85.60mm long and 53.98m wide.

The card can also be downloaded in another format, the E-card format. For this, Akshaya centers would charge Rs 25. Mobile phone based security is there for download. Under it, a password is sent to the mobile phone linked to the ration card. This password must be entered to obtain the PDF document. If the consumer does not get the password printed on their mobile, they can contact the Taluk procurement manager or the city’s ration manager, as applicable, for assistance.

The attendant is required to generate the password and communicate it to the consumer by telephone or email. The ministry strictly prohibited agents from summoning consumers to the office to provide the password. Besides Akshaya centers, private centers can also help consumers to download and print the map. They shouldn’t charge more than Akshaya centers.

The Department of Civilian Supplies has launched a user-friendly facility to correct errors in ration cards and also to bind Aadhaar numbers. Details that can be corrected include cardholder names, initials, address, cardholder relationship, member employment details, and GPL login information.

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