Authors offer free downloads for new second edition of “Designing with LibreOffice” book

He was a contributing editor to the Linux Foundation’s, contributed to Linux Review, and a blogger for Linux Pro magazine. Today, Bruce Byfield has teamed up with the editor of the Open Office Authors Volunteer Group (who also co-led the Open Office Documentation Project) to co-write a second edition of the book by Byfield. Design with LibreOffice.

From the official announcement:

The book is available as an .ODT or .PDF file under the Creative Commons Attribution/Sharealike license version 4.0 or later at [“Under this license, you can share or copy the book, or even add to it,” explains the book’s site, “so long as you mention the writer’s name and release your changes under the same license.”]

The first edition was published in 2016 and has been downloaded over thirty-five thousand times. Michael Meeks, one of the co-founders of LibreOffice, described the first edition as “an outstanding contribution to helping people bring the full power of LibreOffice into their document…”.

The second edition updates the original, removing outdated information and adding updated screenshots and new information on topics such as Harfbuzz font formatting codes, exporting to formats EPUB for readers, the Zotero extension for bibliographies and Angry Reviewer, a Grammarly-like extension for publishing. diction.

In the future, the authors plan to publish further editions as necessary to retain Design with LibreOffice running.
Thanks to long-time Slashdot reader Nanday for sharing the news.

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