Best Four Player Fighting Games

Fighting games are classics, often giving you the ability to attack, attack, and even fight dirty. As fun as they are, most tend to be the typical two-player ability, limiting the rumble to more than just a drop.

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When fighting games offer a four-player mode, or at least the compatibility to become four-player, they become the center of the party, the sleepover, the birthday party – whatever the occasion, you and your friends want to (virtually) bump into each other. Whether you want realistic, ninja-themed combat or fantasy melee, there’s a four-player game for you and your crew.

ten Guilty Equipment Isuka (2003)

A fight in Guilty Gear Isuka

The first iteration of Guilty Gear Isuka was released in Japan in 2003, but has since had sequels and new wear options. The graphics and fighting styles are reminiscent street fighterwhile adding the cooperative gameplay and storyline you’d expect from a modern game mortal combat Game.

There are over 23 characters to choose from, all with extensive move lists. As you and the gang fight to save the world, you’ll have an awesome soundtrack that will keep you motivated and pumped during the fight.


9 Guardian Heroes (1996)

Guardian Heroes, beam special combos multiple enemies

Originally released on the classic Sega Saturn, it was ported to Xbox as a live action arcade game in 2011. Outside of the main Guardian Heroes storyline, there is a versus mode for up to six players, in which you can play as any of the main characters, as well as all unlocked monsters, bosses or even civilians.

Versus mode battles are timed or can be set to the death. For occasional play with friends, timed battles are intense but good for dropping by and playing if your gathering is larger than six. If you like a more vicious and devastating victory, however, putting the fight to the death will be the challenge you’ve been looking for.

8 Street Fighter x Tekken (2012)

The character selection screen for Street Fighter X Tekken

The crossover that many fighting game fans have been waiting for, Street Fighter x Tekken has been released on PS3 and Xbox 360 mixing 19 classic Street Fighter fighters with 19 iconic Tekken fighters. There were others added later as DLC, even Namco characters like PacMan.

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With Tekken Tag Tournament’s four-player tag mode, you can choose your best friend to help you compete against your other friends to answer the Chun-Li/Ryu vs. Nina/Paul bet.

7 Brawl (2017)

game always fight

Originally released for Microsoft Windows, it was eventually added to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Literally billed as a “Party Fighting” game on their website, Brawlout embraces the fun and lively atmosphere of the group hangout. Over 20 characters to choose from, you play as mutated animals – the main mascot is a four-armed buff frog dressed as a Luchador.

Although it’s a “party” game, it doesn’t skimp on action and competitiveness. You can set it up where you play in teams of two, or free-for-all.

6 Duck Game (2014)

Duck Game Title Screen

Adult Swim entered the gaming world with Duck Game, first releasing it on the short-lived Android-based Ouya – though they later released it for the Switch, PS4, and Windows to reach more gamers. To play with up to four players, you go online for multiplayer, or you can play locally.

With a buff duck as its mascot, Duck Game is a mix of traditional brawler fighting games and shooting games. Characters can have weapons, but also struggle and fight their way through – although you lose after one hit, adding pressure and competition between your friends.

5 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2019 (2019)

2019 smackdown vs raw battle royale

This series of wrestling games dates back a few years and always featured the Battle Royale option, which is an unruly four-player chaotic brawl until the last player is left standing. Local play offers a four-player option, and online can host more at once – something that can be more fun in the Battle Royale format, or less fun if you really want to compete with friends.

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The 2019 edition features recent superstars as well as fan favorites, allowing for some interesting matches from Big Show to Sasha Banks.

90s Games Twisted Metal 3

An OG PlayStation classic, Twisted Metal III might not be what comes to mind when you think of fighting games, but it’s a fighting game nonetheless. Listed as a “vehicle combat” game, you choose your car – whether it’s the ice cream truck, taxi or any death mobile – to crash into and destroy your opponents.

Multiplayer features a four-player match until the last car remains. To keep you going on your path of destruction, the game’s soundtrack is composed by Rob Zombie, making for another truly amazing playlist.

3 Dead or Alive 3 (2001)

dead or alive 3 xbox launch title

dead or alive 3 xbox launch title

First released in 2001 on Xbox, Dead or Alive 3 has 18 playable fighters, one of which is the ultimate boss Omega. Graphically, it looks and feels like a cross between Tekken and Mortal Kombat, but it features controller options that make it easier for all new players to learn the moves.

Dead or Alive 3 was a risk that paid off since Microsoft wanted the game exclusively on their platform which was not even developed at the time of the deal. Fully invested, Microsoft commissioned a completely original soundtrack that even featured Aerosmith.

2 Mortal Kombat (2011)

Mortal Kombat 9 Screenshot of Jax, Johnny Cash, Raiden and Sonya Blade

Also known as Mortal Kombat 9, the game was available for PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and PS3. Mortal Kombat is perhaps the most well-known and beloved fighting game series out there, and this installment featured 2v2 co-op tag team battles, allowing up to four players to join in at once.

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The ability to play locally and online with three other players was a favorite feature of the ninth game, and many fans have been asking NetherRealm to reintroduce the feature in every MK release since 2011. To this day, this makes it one of reasons why MK9 is highly regarded. .

1 Brawlhalla (2014)

Xull fires his cannon against Brynn in Brawlhalla

A free-to-play game available on all platforms with cross-play features, Brawlhalla is often compared to Smash Bros. Local and online gameplay lets up to eight players join in the mayhem, with cute cartoon-style graphics and fantastic characters. .

If you only want to play with friends, you can create and invite them to a private room. You can also join battles against anyone online, including ranked matches and free-for-all matches.

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