Bloodborne Fan Demake Surpasses 100,000 Downloads 24 Hours After Launch

The Bloodborne fan demake was released recently, and according to the developer, the game is already proving popular with thousands of downloads.

Screenshot from the Bloodborne PSX demake showing the hunter about to fight a demon.

When transmitted by blood released on PS4 in 2015, it found its place among the more masochistic gamers who prefer something more difficult. As a successful gothic horror game, few things can top its dark atmosphere and punishing gameplay. Because of this, a devoted fan has spent the past thirteen months working on a PS1-style “demake” of the game’s early hours, and it appears to be proving very popular, even though it’s only been released for a few days ago.


In a post on her Twitter page recently, developer Lilith Walther, who goes by the handle @b0tster, expressed her delight at her demake of transmitted by blood downloaded over 100,000 times within 24 hours of its release. A screenshot posted with the tweet shows that at the time the post went live, Walther’s retro version of the game had a total of 108,000 downloads. The day before, it had surpassed 50,000 downloads, showing how popular it was and how long fans had been waiting.

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In addition to this, Walther has also released a new patch, version 1.03, which it claims fixes some known bugs in Bloodborne PSX. One of the big issues was with one of the game’s easiest bosses, the Cleric Beast, in which players were noticing him falling through the ground. The new update fixes this by killing the creature if it falls back into the world and ends up in the game void. There were also other issues with enemies not always dropping items, which should have now be corrected.

Bloodborne PSX was finally released a few days ago, after the creator spent over a year working on it. It’s usually an impressive demake of a beloved game, with people praising the work that has been put into it. While it doesn’t represent the entirety of the original PS4 game, it does feature a large chunk of it, which, given the number of downloads at the time of Walther’s tweet, still proves popular.

As one of From Software’s best releases, the nearly 7-year-old game is obviously still beloved by fans, and the PSX demake is a fitting homage to the original. With Walther happy with the current quality of the game, it will be interesting to see if she continues to add to it or if she has other projects up her sleeve.

Bloodborne PSX is now available on, while the original transmitted by blood is available on PlayStation 4.

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Source: Twitter (update 1.03)

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