Bulletproof Steam Deck case provides protection for urban adventures

With the portable gaming PC’s initial worldwide release, the companies are offering plenty of accessories – and a bulletproof Steam Deck case caught our eye.

The new bulletproof Steam Deck case is made by San Francisco-based company Waterfield, and as mentioned, it includes the same ballistic protection that the police regularly use. It’s worth mentioning that the case is actually more of a messenger bag and comes with a regular handle and a shoulder strap.

While the exterior of the case is made of full-grain leather and comes in a variety of colors and feels, the interior of the case with the hilarious name “Cityslicker” features protective nylon lining. ballistic quality.

For our international readers, American cities (especially those on the West Coast) have become more dangerous than some war zones, so it makes sense to protect your expensive electronics with bulletproof bags, while carrying yourself a bulletproof vest.

The Cityslicker comes in a variety of colors as mentioned like black, chocolate brown, white, crimson and even a “grizzly leather” just in case you want to bring the outdoorsy feel to your local cityscape. The inside of the bag also features slots for microSD cards and cable storage.

Pricing for the Cityslicker Steam Deck Bulletproof Case hasn’t been announced, but their Nintendo Switch Bulletproof Case sells for $107, so it’ll likely be the same price when pre-orders go up on February 17. You can check out the Cityslicker Steam Deck bulletproof case on Waterfield’s online store.

Valve’s Steam Deck is available for pre-order in three flavors: $399 (64GB), $529 (256GB), and $649 (512GB), on the Steam store, and is set to launch on February 17.

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