Buster Posey wins NL Comeback Player of the Year for second time

For the second time since retiring earlier this month, former Giants wide receiver Buster Posey has received one of baseball’s top prizes.

Posey was named National League Player of the Year, adding to the Silver Slugger Award he won the week after hanging up his boots. Posey and Baltimore Orioles first baseman Trey Mancini were the two winners, with Posey taking home the award for the second time. He was also honored in 2012 when he returned from a devastating leg injury to win the NL MVP honors.

This time around, Posey came back from a gap year completely by choice. He pulled out of the 2020 MLB season after he and his wife, Kristen, adopted prematurely born twins. Posey retired after an All-Star season largely to spend more time with Ada and Livvi, as well as her older twins.

Posey was about as good as he ever was when he returned to the pitch in 2021. He hit .304 with 18 home runs, his record since 2015, and led the NL receivers with 4, 9 wins over substitution. Posey also led Newfoundland receivers in average percentage, percentage on base and slugging percentage.

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Posey also won the Players Choice Comeback Player of the Year Award earlier this offseason. He became the first position player to win the MLB version twice and joined longtime major league left-hander Francisco Liriano as the only player to win it twice.

Mancini was an easy choice in the American League. He missed the entire 2020 season while undergoing treatment for colon cancer, then returned to hit 21 home runs and drive 71 races in 2021.

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