Cameron Scattebo of the Sacramento State Hornets


(KTXL) – If you’ve noticed the Sacramento State Hornets’ 44-0 victory over northern Arizona, you might also have noticed the name of one of the great performers of that victory: Cameron Skattebo.

Former Rio Linda Knight just played a breakout match in her debut season.

“It’s like a highlight of the walk,” said Hornets quarterback Jake Dunniway. “You just can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.”

Skattebo has a very simple blue collar philosophy when it comes to running with football – which also makes him an instant hit with Hornets fans.

“You don’t want to attack a guy who attacks you harshly, so you punish him before he punishes you and they won’t want to attack you anymore,” Skattebo said. “So the more you hit them, the less they’re going to want to hit you. “

The 19-year-old comes from a long line of Skattebo who are used to tough, tough football at Rio Linda High School.

Cameron may be the best, however, having rushed for a Sac-Joaquin Section record: 3,550 yards and 42 touchdowns in his junior season, leading the Knights to a state title.

“My dad taught me all my life that, you can catch the ball, you can run the ball, you can do whatever your coach needs you to do,” Skattebo said. “So training my whole life wasn’t just shoving the ball down people’s throats. That was all.

And Sacramento State was eager to get their hands on him. Believe it or not, the Hornets were the only Division 1 school to offer a scholarship to Skattebo.

“He’s a guy who runs like a bulldog over there, he refuses to let a guy tackle him and he plays with an advantage all the time,” said Hornets running back coach Malcom Agnew. “He’s a guy everyone loves to be teamed with, but hates going against.”

And last Saturday, when the No. 32 ran for 117 yards on just 10 carries in his first sustained playing action of his college career.

It was satisfying not only for the player, but for all of his teammates.

“You know you give him the ball and he doesn’t care about your height, how strong you are because he’s going to put his head down and he’s either going to run through you, around you or jump on you,” Hornets quarterback Jake said. Dunniway. “It does not matter.”

Skattebo and the rest of the Hornets will look to move up to five wins, no losses at the Big Sky conference next Saturday when Sac State travels to northern Colorado.

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