Comic Preview – Star Wars Adventures: Light and Dark

Coinciding with its release today, IDW Publishing shared a preview of Star Wars Adventures: Light and Dark, the new commercial paperback book bringing together the first six issues of the current Star Wars Adventures current series; take a look here …








All-new mid-level stories featuring all of your favorite characters from the far reaches of the Star Wars galaxy, spanning the entire Skywalker Saga and beyond!

Includes three oversized stories starring Rey, Finn and Poe; Qui-Gon Jinn and the Mighty Wookies of Kashyyyk; and Padmé and Anakin; plus half a dozen short stories, including nastiness stories starring Kylo Ren and Darth Vader himself! First, Poe and Finn take Rey to a distant planet to continue his Jedi training. But they are surprised to find that the reach of the First Order extends very far.

Next, Qui-Gon joins the Kashyyyk Wookiees for a special Day of the Life celebration! And after that, Padmé and Anakin face a difficult situation as they struggle to navigate the politics of the Republic! Meanwhile, Kylo Ren faces the challenges of leadership and the politics of fear.

And, after the Siege of Hoth, Darth Vader explores the secrets of the abandoned rebel base. All of this, and new tales of vile feats by Grand Moff Tarkin, Maul, Tobias Beckett and Val, and the sinister Nihil.

Star Wars Adventures: The Light and the Dark is now available.

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