Comic Review: Star Wars: The Adventures of the High Republic #9

Star Wars: The Adventures of the High Republic #9


The Padawans are off on another adventure!

This time in Takodana, to help the lone Jedi defend the local Jedi Temple against the ever-growing threat of the Nihil.

But Qort struggles to focus when he comes face to face with his own past amidst new dangers and old allies….

Writer: Daniel Jose Older
Penciller: Tony Bruno
Letterer: Johanna Natalie
Colorist: Rebecca Nalty
Cover artist: Harvey Tolibao
Editor: Heather Antos
Publication date: October 6, 2021

Maz Kanata’s Castle on Takodana. It’s a star wars place that left an indelible mark on the saga in the force awakens…then was destroyed by the First Order. Too bad, because this venerable place has existed for centuries, and here we go back 300 years from that cataclysmic afternoon to our Jedi heroes Farzala, Zeen, Ram, Lula and Qort flying over the crystal clear waters of the lake. Qort once lived here, and we step back even further into the past as Maz Kanata opens a box on her doorstep where she finds a baby Qort inside. In classic THR Adventures style, we jump from past to present and “now” Qort is reunited with Maz, impressing his friends in the process as they marvel at the legendary Pirate Queen.

Back in the past and a familiar “face” – the big red, HURID-327 who we learn can talk to but not deal with the whirling dervish Qort who quickly managed to remove HURID’s arm. In the present, Zeen and Lula agree to take help from two former Nihil in Bareen and Sabata, but vow to watch them closely before preparing for further Nihil attacks. In the past we see more HURID havoc as Qort leaves the droid limbless and finds his now familiar skull mask in the basement while in the ‘now’ preparations continue as the Nihil approaches. “Next” we learn that the skull Qort is carrying belongs to a giant crab from his homeworld, and fused to his head the calm of his tearing state. As explained to Maz, baby Qort uses the Force for the first time. In the present and perhaps unsurprisingly, Sav finds out that Nihil’s “friends” are spies, and at the end of the issue, Nihil Sabata flips a switch and the castle begins to explode.

Once again Daniel Jose Older – our guest on Making Tracks Episode 126 – delivers a fun and eye-catching number and with regular artist Harvey Tolibao on the covers only for this issue, artist Toni Bruno does a superb work, a completely different style from Tolibao but no less effective. Now that we know these characters, there’s a comfortable familiarity with the stories as we move through the era and the star wars / The IDW partnership is coming to an end, there is no doubt that the elegant presentation made by IDW will be greatly missed.

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