Cozy games on the theme of the forest

On a tough day, sitting down with a hot drink and a relaxing game is a release many gamers seek. But many fast-paced, story-rich video games make it impossible to calm a busy mind after a long day. So that’s where comfortable games that require little or no thought come in so handy.

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Nothing is more comfortable than spending a night under the stars or taking a long walk in the woods. Although it may seem daunting and ominous for players, there may be wonderful adventures waiting for them in the trees.


ten Bear and breakfast

Playing as Hank, a bear who lives in the center of a desolate forest, players are tasked with reviving an abandoned building that Hank and his friends decide to turn into a Bed & Breakfast. While exploring the surroundings in search of materials and inspiration for the new venture, a group of creatures introduce themselves to Hank and offer help in exchange for tasks and favors.

But it’s not just about creating a cozy B&B, Bear and breakfast presents a world full of lore to discover, and as the company grows, more and more forest secrets are unlocked. It’s an easy game to get lost in for hours, and it certainly helps that it’s all adorable.

9 cozy grove

While camping in a new area isn’t every player’s cup of tea, cozy grove beautiful, hand-drawn scenery and a charming cast make the situation much less daunting. This real-time synchronized life sim is all about bringing color back to a nearly forgotten land and helping calm local ghosts that have been caught up in the chaos.

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Each day cozy grove presents the player with 30-60 minutes of questing and fresh content, but after that the world is open for fishing, exploring, or decorating the woods. Additionally, each character that enters the story along the way has a unique backstory to unravel, so it’s hard to find a moment of calm despite the nature of the title.

8 night in the woods

night in the woods follows the story of Mae Borowski, a high school dropout who returned to her hometown, Possum Springs. With the intention of reconnecting with old friends and resuming the life this little black cat had before moving away, the story quickly turns into an exploration and investigation into why things have changed.

This cozy title puts a heavy emphasis on the characters Mae Borowski encounters on her journey through the forest and is packed with fun mini-games and puzzles during its main campaign. Plus, it’s got a beautifully unique art style and a smooth yet tense soundtrack to accompany the journey of a lifetime.

seven Little witch in the woods

Ellie, an apprentice witch, is tasked with traveling through the woods to help the nearby village and its people with her training. In doing so, she learns new spells and records new species in a mind-blowing journal, while exploring the forests she must call home. Plus, a selection of potion-based puzzles are a breath of fresh air while wandering around for hours.

Little witch in the woods is an adorable chibi-style game with an expansive map that can consume any player. And the charming, pixelated townsman features engaging gameplay outside of its five-hour campaign.

6 Whoa

For all Studio Ghibli fans, Whoa packs a similar look and feel when it comes to its gameplay. This puzzle platformer will enchant any player looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere by adopting an unforgettable hand-painted art style and a sweet piano soundtrack.

Adopt the role of Whoa, a little fairy with a forgotten past, this game explores various unthreatening landscapes. The characters speak softly through the storyline and every mechanic works incredibly well. There’s no need for stress, no time-based challenges, and a few simple puzzles to solve to keep progressing. Whoa is the epitome of stress-free gaming.

5 A short hike

Although they are not directly based in the woods, A short hike explores a vast mountainside area while promoting the idea of ​​taking life slowly. This game allows players to explore at their own pace and opens up the possibility of taking any path without missing key story points.

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The color palette gives the entire title an incredible autumnal feel, and smooth storytelling keeps players spending hours exploring, fishing, climbing, and soaring around Hawk Peak Provincial Park. It is a vast mountainous landscape associated with a mass of forests A short hike an unforgettable experience through a journey of patience and learning.

4 Wytchwood

This crafting adventure title is set in a picture-perfect fairytale landscape filled with gothic fables and a gathering of eerie inhabitants. Wytchwood is a relaxing game of potion-making, puzzle-solving, and exploring the region while uncovering stories and spreading the word to the local town.

Playing as the old hag in the woods, players must learn to harvest goods from the world around them and complete tasks given by the town’s scheming inhabitants. Using the Grimoire of Forgotten Spells, Wytchwood is another unforgettable experience without being incredibly tense and fast.

3 Beasts of Maravilla Island

Beasts of Maravilla Island focuses on the beauty of the natural world and introduces magical ecosystems where breathtaking creatures reside. Rather than focusing on combat or completing quests, this 3D adventure game takes the player on a journey through photography. With the main goal of recording as many creatures as possible, it’s hard not to let hours go unnoticed with this title.

This game focuses more on learning about the inhabitants of the island than on how they can be used to benefit the players. With minimal platforming, puzzle solving, and quest solving, Beasts of Maravilla the only intention of the islands is to promote attention to the little things in life. Especially the wildlife, which can so easily be overlooked.

2 The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is the intriguing story of a character called Ember, who embarks on a long journey to uncover his kind’s past and light the last campfire beyond the dark woods. This adventure-themed title is filled with puzzles, platforming, desolate ruins, and deep forests, which Ember tackles solo. But the whole journey is not necessarily faced alone.

The central idea The Last Campfire favor is to spread kindness. Several types of Ember are scattered across the map, and all of them need the player’s help to return to their campfire. It is essential to help them before the next area is unlocked. But once one is taken care of, any player will feel compelled to come back and help them all.

1 Lumberjack

Lumberjack is a wholesome but fun story about Jack, a bear with an ax who has a simple goal and dream. Keen to return nature to the wonder it once was, Jack faces the industrialization of forests alongside his animal companions.

The game aims to make sense of destructive humans by destroying the tools they use to destroy Jack’s house. Solve environmental puzzles to progress and recycle Jack’s destruction to upgrade tools while rescuing distressed critters that will later join the wanderer squad. Lumberjack takes a humorous approach to a relevant subject, underpinned by its cutesy art style and upbeat soundtrack.

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