Deep Rock Galactic downloads hit over 9 million on PlayStation Plus

Thanks to its recent release on the platform and its inclusion in the January 2022 PlayStation Plus lineup of free games, Deep Rock Galactic downloads have surpassed the nine million mark, making it one of the hottest titles most successful for the Embracer Group, as detailed in their recent earnings call.

Check out highlights from the earnings report, as video game industry analyst MauroNL noted:

– Chorus’ financial performance “did not meet management’s expectations.”
– Deep Rock Galactic has been downloaded over 9 million times on PlaySation Plus
– 7 AAA projects in development at Saber Interactive
– The Borderlands franchise sold 2 million units in the fourth calendar quarter; Borderlands 3 to 15m LTD

Apart from the huge sales figures of Deep Rock Galactic, other publishers in the Embracer group have also seen huge growth. As noted in the thread, the company’s high revenue was driven not only by Deep Rock Galactic, but also by Valheim and Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Deep Rock Galactic has seen a resurgence in popularity after its free release as part of the January 2022 PlayStation Plus lineup alongside Persona 5 Strikers and DiRT 5. In case you missed it, check out the February PlayStation Plus lineup 2022 here.

Thank you, MauroNL !

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