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Waiting has been such a part of our lives for the past two years, and now “waiting for my ship to arrive” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Our supply chain has broken down and we no longer have the things we think we need. We hope that the bond of ships, trucks, stores and workers will be restored.

Much of our life is spent waiting for something to happen. For the toast to burst, the water boiled, the traffic light to change. You’d think we’d be good now.

Do you remember waiting to grow up? Well, here we all grew up.

I read somewhere that a copy of the famous painting “Whistler’s Mother” was presented to a group of children, and they were asked what they thought the painting showed. One boy said: “This is a beautiful picture of an old lady waiting for the TV repairman. “

We don’t have to be that old person, just wait. In fact, we don’t have to be old at all. We are as old as we are, but “old” is an attitude.

As a mature generation, we have a lot to offer the world. Here we have been through all the experiences, emotions and relationships of the past, and we are still evolving. We have faced a lot of things, and we will face a lot more, and we got through.

Our wisdom may not be “intelligent”, but it is a perspective. In the face of challenges – in ourselves, in our relationships or in the world – we can use this perspective of duration to bring joy to life and the usefulness of being alive while we wait.

Author Barbara Sher wrote, “Whenever you do what you really love, your heart lifts, your mind opens, and everything changes. You’re waking up. That’s what the real adventure really is.

Let’s make this period of waiting for these ships to arrive an adventure to be lived.

Reverend Linda McNamar is a resident of Laguna Woods Village.

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