EA mocks single-player games, gets roasted, and immediately rolls back

You’ve probably seen this tweet format circulating, “They’re ten but they like Knack”, essentially sharing red flags for dating. Nothing kills a joke more than a brand, however, and EA’s attempt to intervene was immediately booed.

“There are ten of them but they only like to play solo games,” he tweeted, instantly meeting backlash from solo fans around the world. “Dragon Age enters the fight,” replied community manager Liana Ruppert. Others joked about the launch of Anthem and Battlefield 2042, counted down to the “apology tweet” and twisted it to say things like “There are ten of them but they think EA is a good company.”


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So EA’s quote retweeted its original tweet, “Well deserved roast. We’ll take that L because playing games solo makes it an 11.” Ratio, “it’s worse”, feelings of being too late, “pure getting by”, and more flooded the comments. The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian even sub-tweeted them.

It was mostly met with positivity, but someone commented, “Nobody say rad anymore, dad.” Obsidian scoffed at him, “But we’re actively working on a game set in the early 90s, kid.”

EA didn’t just release Battlefield and Anthem. The aforementioned Dragon Age is one of its own releases, along with Mass Effect, Dead Space, The Sims, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order getting a sequel. Even developers who worked at EA chimed in with retweets of quotes and comments: “Consider working until midnight for a good part of the year to help ship Mass Effect 2,” added Patrick Weekes, writer of BioWare.

Others, like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands writer Sam Maggs, pointed out that more and more women are playing solo games, “I’m having fun on this because it’s funny but it’s so sexist and should be removed.”

Some, like YouTuber MyNameIsByf, didn’t give in to the bait, “They’re a ten, but they knew that tweet was bait.”

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