Elden Ring: 5 Games Fans Should Play Next

Elden Ring fans looking for games with equal levels of challenge and progression need look no further with these five soulslike games.

It’s easy to see that Ring of Elden has been a great success so far. From Soulsborne newbies to the army of fans from previous installments, many have been eagerly awaiting the game’s release. Ring of EldenThe deep and immersive world of , with secrets hidden around every corner, captivated many, as well as its relatively challenging difficulty curve. Yet, as players reach the twilight moments of their respective games, many are wondering: what next?

Most fans of the game will no doubt consider a second or even a third playthrough, while others may want to take a break in the hills of Limgrave, the fetid swamps of Caelid or the orange-hued plateau of Altus. . Since the launch of Demon’s Souls, the hard-hitting action-RPG style that FromSoftware has become known for has been replicated across various playstyles, genres, and platforms. Here are five other soulslike games that adapt or expand on the formula and are well worth a play.

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Mortal Shell offers a rewarding challenge


Released in 2021, Deadly Shell has undergone a number of changes and additions since its release. The meat of the gameplay revolves around possessing the bodies of various warriors, who each have their own unique abilities, weapons, and story. It’s more or less like the typical Souls experience. However, one feature greatly improves the player experience – a mechanic that slowly reveals more of an item’s bonuses the more a player uses it. For example, with an item that heals the player, after a certain amount of time the item may grant an additional health bonus as the player becomes more familiar with it.

The Surge is a great sci-fi soul


The surge was released in May 2017 and is a sci-fi take on the established Souls formula. The game is set in a dark, dystopian future where humans are forced to compete against drones and robots with updated, tailored, and advanced exo-suits. By the time the player arrives, humanity has already exhausted most of its vital resources. The game plays relatively similar to other soulslikes such as dark souls and Ring Elden. It features an upgradable armor system where a player can augment their exo-suit with different attributes and abilities. The surge has a 2019 sequel that is also worth playing.

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Cuphead is a delicious race and a gun


Released in 2017, Cuphead, unlike typical soulslike games, takes the form of a retro racer and gun with a unique look heavily inspired by the old rubber hose art style of the golden age of American animation. It plays fast and well, and the art style makes each level varied and every boss encountered a treat to play over and over again. Cuphead has high replay value, and many of its fans consider it a timeless game. It offers a unique experience with a level of challenge and difficulty to rival any Soulsborne game. Plus, the soundtrack is addictive to listen to.

Hollow Knight Rivals Elden Ring in Trouble


Released in 2017, hollow knight is similar to Cuphead in his atypical vision of the soulslike genre. However, it still features that unique difficulty curve that players of Ring of Elden can be searched. hollow knight draws most of its inspiration from Metroidvania-style games with its 2D side-scrolling and moving between multiple interconnected rooms. With an impressive visual art style and a stellar soundtrack, the game is a hugely enjoyable experience with room for multiple replays. It offers a great challenge, and with its huge range of in-depth content, there’s no better time than now to give hollow knight A try.

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Bloodborne is an eerie gem of a game


Of all the recommendations on this list, those from 2015 transmitted by blood is perhaps the best solution for fans of Ring of Elden. Another game from FromSoftware, transmitted by blood focuses on aggressive play in a dark and sinister setting of Victorian fantasy filled with Lovecraftian monsters. It plays the same as Ring of Elden and also offers players a wide selection of unique weapon types.

However, in transmitted by blood, weapons have their own unique features and can switch between two forms to attack in different patterns. Parrying, aggressive play, and quick thinking are paramount in this game, and defensive playstyles often suffer as a result. With a new PS5 remaster reportedly on the way, transmitted by blood is a must have for everyone Ring of Elden fan.

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