Elden Ring Player calculates how many boars should be killed to reach max level

Intuitive Elden Ring player calculates how many boars players would need to kill in the game in order to acquire enough runes to reach max level.

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Despite launching over two months ago, players still manage to discover a litany of new things about Ring of Elden. Considering the game’s massive map size, multitude of enemies and bosses players have to encounter, and plenty of weapons and armor to find, Ring of Elden has a large amount of content for gamers. Recently, a player recently made an impressive calculation in terms of acquiring runes.

In addition to the long list of hostile enemies, Ring of Elden also home to many non-violent creatures. From birds to sheep that know how to fight dodging, these creatures won’t attack players on the spot and are more for decorating the scenery. However, players can not only kill these creatures, but also earn runes by doing so. The amount of runes players acquire is quite small, but one player actually calculated how many of these creatures it would take to reach max level in Ring Elden.


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Reach the maximum level of Elden Ring by killing boars

On Reddit, a user named BlackIronSaturn made a staggering calculation that shows how many boars the player would have to kill to reach the level cap in Ring of Elden. The exact number of runes needed to reach the maximum level is almost 1.7 billion. The player receives five runes each time he kills a boar, and therefore the exact number of boars the player should kill is 338,511,683.

While extremely impractical to do so, it would be far less intense for players to farm runes by only killing boars. Although considering the low amount of runes the player receives for killing non-violent wild animals, it actually incentivizes them to go kill tougher enemies like Morgott the Omen King or Godrick the Grafted, since the player receives a ton of runes instead of just five.

It’s amazing how the Ring of Elden The community has managed to thrive since its first release. Compared to previous FromSoftware titles like dark souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Ring of Elden is the best-selling game ever released by FromSoftware. Makes sense, considering how Ring of Elden is comparatively more accessible when it comes to FromSoftware games.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what the future holds. Ring of Elden go forward. Although FromSoftware has not confirmed any DLC for Ring of Eldengiven the open-ended nature of game progression, this leaves the door open for potential opportunities. Ring of Elden presents extremely rich knowledge that could easily be added at some point.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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