Embr was added to the Xbox Games Pass this week


Curve Digital and Muse Games revealed this week that they have officially released Embr on Xbox Game Pass so people can check it out. If you haven’t seen the game yet, this is a frenzied firefighter title where you try to put out fires and save people and property, with various modes to keep things interesting. Those who are already GamePass subscribers can start their new career as a firefighter right now, as you will be able to join forces with up to four players. Or you can embark on a solo career in the department trying to put out fires. You can check out a trailer for the new mode, Secret Hosr, below, along with more info on it.

Credit: Digital curve

Go fight rampant fires, enjoy insane cooperative multiplayer, and save residents by throwing them to safety. If they miss the trampoline, well, there’s always another burning building to save! In addition, the world of Embr is also set to get bigger for those homemade heroes who put out the flames over the last year. Rolled out today, the all-new “Secret Hosr” multiplayer mode launches four Responders on even longer missions, with more clients and dangerous explosives all the way to destruction requiring elimination.

But there’s more to Secret Hosr than it looks. For the first time, you will face one of your teammates. Agent Hosr has infiltrated your mission and is working to undermine your mission. You will need to keep your customers safe, the building secure, and the bombs defused. If you think you have found out who the saboteur among you is, use your unique report to vote against them. But was this bomb explosion really intentional or just a slip of the tongue? Was this client murdered or did he accidentally miss the trampoline? Can you spot innocent mistakes due to intentional sabotage?

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