Enjoy solo outdoor adventures with the O-BOY Satellite Rescue Watch on your wrist

If you are an adrenaline junkie and love crazy adventures, remember to take the necessary precautions. Prepare properly and be sure to pack things that can help in an emergency. Rations, water, EDC tools and gadgets that can pinpoint your location. Thus, the O-BOY is a clever solution for the modern hiker.

This crowdfunding project is described as a satellite rescue watch and is already well over its original goal of $9,239. As of this writing, there are already 144 backers who have pledged a total of $39,658 with 22 days to go. So if you like to go solo, this clever contraption might just be a lifesaver.

Our only complaint so far with the O-BOY is the design. It kind of looks more like a kitchen timer than a wearable, but looks can be deceiving. Unlike commercially available smartwatches, it does not rely on cellular networks to function. Instead, its technology uses a network of private satellites to transmit your location and send out a distress call.

Design-wise, this device sports a sturdy body with a chunky fixed bezel. Arabic numeral hour markers line the edges. A round display sits beneath a Gorilla Glass crystal with an option to display the time in analog or digital. Meanwhile, its rugged construction of the O-BOY can withstand shocks, dust and water, and is IP68 rated.

A large orange button adorns the right side of the middle. Tap it five times to activate GetMe which sends your GPS coordinates to four personal contacts. Press it eight times to activate RescueMe which alerts the nearest emergency station. Finally, hold it down for 10 seconds to activate your tracking service. The O-BOY requires a subscription to fully unlock these features.

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