Former Woburn High football player speaks out on allegations of abuse and bullying

Former Woburn High School football player Johnathan Coucelos said he was attacked and bullied by teammates in the locker room, and the school did nothing to protect him. Now, police are filing criminal charges against seven students accused of assault.

Coucelos, who is 14, told Jim Braude the Greater Boston Monday that his life has changed radically since the attack, and that the harassment has not stopped. “I’ve lost half my friends. It’s not the same to be in public anymore,” he said.

He added: “I used to wake up and hang out with half my friends and now I’m just locked in my room and finally going to another school.”

The teenager was joined by his parents Kevin and Jeanny and his lawyer Peter Hahn, who said the school failed in Coucelos. “They gave no support to my son or even to us,” Kevin Coucelos said. “It’s so wrong how they handle it. It makes me emotional every time I have to talk about it.”

The family calls the school to account. Coucelos reported the violent incidents to coaches and police who failed to take sufficient action.

Jessica Callanan, principal of Woburn Memorial High School, said in a statement to Greater Boston“The complaint of the Coucelos family is and must be taken seriously. Multiple investigations are underway. members of our community to be kind to one another and to do whatever they can to help make our community kinder and stronger.”

Watch: Woburn High School accused of ignoring bullying allegations

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