Fornite Desktop Wallpapers: 350+ Free HD Downloads

Image via Epic Games

It’s no surprise that Fornite, the world’s most popular battle royale game, makes AF addictive. You probably know this better than anyone…

You are here looking for cooler Fornite desktop images after all.

To the right?!

Well, let’s give the masses what they came for (…aimbots need not apply)!


If you’re like me, whenever you’re not actually playing the game, the best thing to do is remember Fornite, and there’s no better way to keep Atlas in the forefront of your mind than ‘ by having it occupy real estate on your desktop or mobile device.

But the last thing you want is a lame image, right? !

So let’s dive into the absolute, coolest and coolest Fortnite wallpapers the internet has to offer.

Wallpaper cave (60+ wallpapers)

It seems like the same old Fortnight wallpapers are floating around, and it’s actually finding the Fortnite wallpapers that is the tricky part.

Well, maybe it’s just my personal aesthetic, but I love dark images and neon accents for my wallpaper, which WallPaper Cave offers in the dozens. Whether you are looking for unique and stunning images to use on your desktop or just want a cool battle royale image; WallPaper Cave has you all set up.

They even have a handful of cropped images to fit your mobile device. So check out their entire battle royale image bank at the link above!

If you’re hungry for more awesome desktop images, keep scrolling!

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Recommended items

Cave Wallpaper 1
Cave Wallpaper 2
Cave Wallpaper 3
Cave Wallpaper 4
wallpaper cave 5

AlphaCoders (30+ Fornite Wallpapers)

Looking for something a little more stylized and cartoonish? Alpaacoders is one of my absolute favorite recommendations.

They’re still okay with cartoonish, filtered, and otherwise out-of-the-box style images that you can use on your desktop.

Alpha 1 encoders
AlphaCoders 4
AlphaCoders 3
AlphaCoders 2

Flare Wallpaper (70+ Fortnite Wallpapers)

Fornite achieved the level of success it sees today through extremely powerful creative partnerships. And as a side result of that, the branding, product placement, and style images of sponsored content coming out of the game result in some very cool Fortnite images that you can use as your wallpaper.

Want a Fortnite Batman background? To verify

Want a Travis Scott Fortnite desktop computer? Yes, we have that too.

These types of images allow you to use some pretty epic Fortnite backgrounds, and Wallpaper Flare specializes in delivering some of the coolest wallpapers like this.

Below are our favorites, but head over to their site via the link about to find out even more!

Flare Wallpaper 5
Flare Wallpaper 4
Flare Wallpaper 3
Flare Wallpaper 2
Flare Wallpaper 1

Fornite Wallpapers Reddit

The internet, for all its flaws, is full of truly talented people, and often crowdsourced images to use as backgrounds and wallpapers can yield the most amazing results.

And while you could spend hours, if not days, digging through Reddit to find the most dope, sickest, and most unknown Fortnite wallpapers to use…

We prefer you to play matches, get headshots, and build silly stuff with your friends.

So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Reddit threads that feature the coolest Fortnite wallpapers to use. Be sure to give these Reddit users, and all the creators of these wallpapers, some props because they are very talented people.

Kudos to Reddit user @nicknamesummercenaYT for posting the colors and texture gradients we all associate with our favorite Battle Royale game. If you like that signature Fortnite gradient, head over to this post and grab a few different options.

Kudos to Reddit user @EvidentHS for creating a great collection of free Fornite wallpapers that you can use for both desktop AND mobile. What a fucking pro you are EvidentHS!

And another friendly note, don’t forget that Imgur has some of the coolest and most unique Fornite wallpaper images you can use – so check them all out here. There are literally thousands of them for you!

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