Fuel your outdoor adventures with essential gear from Walmart

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Summer is upon us, and it might seem like the first time in too long that you can really get out and enjoy your free time. Whether you’re hitting the beach, the pool, camping, or just hanging out in your own backyard this season, your favorite summer activities are best enjoyed without the sweaty frustration that comes from bad gear (camping in an old tent full of holes that basically invite hungry mosquitoes to feast on you all night? Not so fun!). Get the gear you need at Walmart and get on with your adventure. Summer should be a stress-free zone.

Bring your puppy

Don’t let your little furball’s age or stamina stop you from taking him on an adventure: just strap on this handy pet backpack, and he can roll around in style while you gallivant, whether you you’re heading to the airport or riding your bike to a picnic. It’s much more comfortable than having to carry a hot, tired dog in your arms.

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Lighten the load

You can’t do the beach without all the things, but you figured out the situation with your bare hands. Save your shoulders with this durable, easy-to-clean cart that won’t make you regret packing that heavy cooler full of good cold bevvies.

blue collapsible wagon

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Upgrade your beach towel

You could have a regular beach towel or you could have a stylish beach towel. Which do you choose? Throw it in your new beach cart and you’re good to go.

multicolored striped beach towel

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Get some fish

Ready to launch your line this summer? Floats, sinkers, hooks, minnow net, fish pliers, fillet knife and cutting board are just a few of the things you’ll find in this Mary Poppins bag of a fishing kit , which slips easily into the included kit. handy bucket.

fishing accessories

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Prepare a camping feast

Elevate your camping meals with the Rolls Royce of camping cookware. This 2-piece set heats evenly, is easy to clean, has foldable handles for easy storage, and is made of grade 1 titanium, built to last forever. Which means it’s literally the last camping cookware set you’ll ever need.

camping pots and pans

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Get an adult scooter

Think of this electric scooter as the older cousin of your childhood Razr. Get to work and cruise to happy hour with this scooter’s 500-watt motor, 3 speed modes and 22-mile battery range keeping you cool when the temperatures soar.

black adult scooter

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Don’t settle for lukewarm drinks

No outdoor adventure is complete without a celebration at the end, and this cooler bag makes it easy to bring multiple 6-packs and keep them cool until you’re ready to open them, when you’re ready to reward all your efforts. .

multicolored striped cooler bag

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take help

Saving gas by biking to work this summer is a great idea, until you factor in the sweat factor. Ride cool and crisp on this handy e-bike, which features a 250-watt pedal-assist hub-drive motor that means you can tackle those hills without dipping your knob. And on weekends, hit the hills with this baby’s sturdy aluminum frame and front suspension fork to keep you comfortable even on rough terrain.

schwinn bike

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