How Sony’s Nathan Drake and Sully compare to gaming

Sony’s Uncharted movie had the difficult task of bringing Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan to live action. But has it lived up to the games?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Uncharted, now playing in theaters.

Unexplored has already been slammed by critics as a bad adventure movie and another bad video game adaptation. But what really stands out is how its main characters, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, diverge from their in-game counterparts. Let’s dive into this adaptation of Unexplored and explain why its main characters fail to live up to expectations.

the Unexplored video games have everything to make a great movie – outstanding settings, four game scenarios that would make Indiana Jones blush and, above all, excellent character development. And to make things even more exciting, Playstation has a knack for creating characters with titles, not just with its four Unexplored starters but also with The last of us and God of the war. So after considering all these facts, it’s hard to understand how live action characters Unexplored missed the mark.

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Sully preferred Nate to gold in Uncharted

Over a decade in the making, there was plenty of time to develop an on-screen quality driven story and to develop its lead characters Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, played by Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg respectively. Given that four games already deal with the backstory of these characters, one would imagine its film adaptation would be pretty easy to follow. Instead, the movie lacks heart in that department, even with five writers attached to its screenplay.

To play Nathan Drake, casting Holland seemed like a smart move, mostly because he’s a rising star who would bring a youngster to the movies, especially after the huge success of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. The script is also an origin story that could potentially start a franchise and provide an opportunity for Holland to grow with the character and ultimately get a Nathan Drake closer to that of the games.

Unfortunately, the Dutch version of the character is bland and uninteresting. He’s a sober adventurer who, while knowing his history lessons, isn’t as confident and assertive as the young Nate of the video games. In the film, he looks more like a geek who yearns to be like his older brother Sam, who disappeared earlier in his life and kept contacting him through postcards. It’s a massive departure from the games, where Nathan is just as cool as his brother.

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Sully helps Nathan Drake

On the other side, after having first sign to play Nathan Drake, Wahlberg was recast as Sully. And, just like Holland, the actor fails to fill the character’s shoes. Wahlberg embodies a pugnacious character, a kind of hostility and antipathy, far from the video game version. Sully is meant to become a mentor and a father figure of sorts to Nate, and while it’s safe to say that could still happen, it’s hard to draw that from Wahlberg’s performance.

Unexplored works well enough that it could get another installment or two in an attempt to get it right, but as it stands, fans of the game franchise had little more to hold on to than a few coins of action.

To see Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg fail to do their characters right, Uncharted is in theaters now.

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