How to Queue Downloads in Chrome

Queuing downloads can save you time and hassle, especially when you want to download multiple files. But by default, Google Chrome downloads files simultaneously, which can cause issues if you have a slow internet connection.

In this guide, therefore, we will explain how to queue downloads in Google Chrome using DownThemAll! Chrome extension.

How to Queue Multiple Downloads in Chrome

Since there is no built-in functionality to queue downloads, you will need to download an extension or download manager software. For this article, we will use DownThemAll! extension.

After installing the extension, click on the extension icon and go to Preferences. In the Network tab, change the number of Simultaneous downloads to 1.

Now, instead of downloading multiple files simultaneously, DownThemAll! will add the next file to the download queue, speeding up downloads.

To download: DownThemAll! for Google Chrome (Free)

How to add a file to the DownloadThemAll! Queue in Chrome

Once you change the settings, you can add files to the download queue and prevent concurrent downloading. There are several ways to download files using DownThemAll!.

Right-click any download button, image or video, hover over DownThemAll!and choose Save the link with DownThemAll!.

Fill in the fields, change the download settings and select To download.


Perhaps the best feature of this extension is that you can download all files on any web page with just a few clicks. To add all files to the download queue, right-click anywhere on the screen, hover over DownThemAll!and select DownThemAll!.

Next, select file types and choose To download. In the same way, you can upload files from all tabs together.

2. Thanks to DownThemAll! Manager

Alternatively, you can access the manager of DownThemAll! by clicking on the extension icon and selecting Manager. From there, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner. Paste the file URL, enter the details and select To download.

How to handle the DownloadThemAll! Queue in Chrome

Once you have added one or more files to download, you can access DownThemAll! manager to pause or cancel downloads. Likewise, it allows you to resume interrupted downloads. Even better, you can move files up or down the queue using the arrow buttons at the top.

Similarly, DownThemAll! allows you to change the queue settings of Preferences. You can enable the option to add new paused downloads and receive notifications when downloads are queued.

If you ever want to download multiple files together, you can change the number of simultaneous downloads from the Network tab to two or more.

Download files seamlessly through Chrome

Downloading large files can be a challenge, especially if you have a slow connection. However, you can make your job much easier by queuing downloads. With DownThemAll!, adding downloads to a queue is quite simple.

But if you’re tired of Chrome’s built-in download manager, maybe you should try installing the download manager extension.

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