‘I Am Groot’ Promo Teases Five New Adventures

by Disney Plus

Marvel Studios teases the next series I am Groot five new adventures with everyone’s favorite sentient tree.

“Marvel Studios’ collection of five original shorts begins streaming August 10 on [Disney Plus],” the official Marvel Studios Twitter account wrote in a post on Monday.

Disney seems to have no shortage of cute baby characters, many of them aliens, that make them appealing protagonists in their various adventures. Not only do we have Marvel’s baby Groot, but Grogu from the world of Star Wars, one of the main characters of the acclaimed series The Mandalorian. Grogu is colloquially known as Baby Yoda among fans, as he is of the same species as the Jedi Master and is also Force-sensitive.

Could Groot and Grogu ever cross paths? We would like to see it. But even though both characters are owned by Disney, they’re firmly rooted in separate universes, so it seems rather dodgy. However, with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy set to star in their own holiday special on Disney Plus – in a clear homage to the Star Wars Holiday Special – maybe such a meeting of all things cute and green could happen, after all.

Even though Vin Diesel-voiced Groot made his live-action debut in the first guardians of the galaxy film, in 2014 each subsequent appearance of him was technically a different character. The OG Groot sacrificed his life at the end of the first guardians of the galaxy film. The baby Groot who appears afterwards is technically the offspring of the original, according to co-writer and director James Gunn.

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