Increase in NFL All Day NFT sales on Sundays during football games

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  • NFT sales on the NFL All Day platform increase on NFL game days, topping 24-hour sales charts across all NFT collections.
  • NFL All Day opened to the public in August after months of closed beta.

NFL All Day officially licensed by Dapper Labs NFT collectibles platform open to the public last month, and in the first two weeks of the NFL regular season, an interesting trend is appearing in the sales data: users are buying far more To flow– based on NFTs on Sunday, the day of the week when most real-world games are played.

In the current crypto bear market, which has had a significant impact on NFT prices and sales volume, NFL All Day breakouts stand out.

On September 12 and 19, NFL All Day topped the overall 24-hour NFT Market charts at CryptoSlam, beating the Bored Ape Yacht Club and other expensive blue chip projects. While the average Bored Ape sell price in September so far has been around $110,000 ETH, the average NFL All Day sell price is only $31.

On Sunday, Sept. 11 — the first big slate of games this season — NFL All Day saw nearly $1.17 million in secondary market sales, according to data from CryptoSlam, an increase of almost 283% compared to the previous day. And that momentum continued the next day, with just over $1.1 million on Monday, September 12.

It became a trend this week on Sunday, September 18, when the platform recorded over $905,000 in NFT sales, a 204% jump from the previous day. This time around, the sales figure rose slightly the next day, with nearly $906,000 on Monday, September 19. Over the two weeks, the total sales volume dropped significantly the following Tuesday.

More and more individual NFT NFL All Days also sell out on Sundays and Mondays, and the average sale price increases along the way. For example, on Saturday, September 10, the platform saw over 10,900 NFTs selling at an average price of around $28 each. The next day, nearly 29,400 NFTs were sold on the platform at an average price of just under $40 each.

Dave Feldman, senior vice president of marketing for Dapper Labs, said Decrypt that the company saw increased engagement on all match days, including Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Indeed, data from CryptoSlam shows a smaller, but still noticeable bump from Wednesday to Thursday each day since the start of the regular season.

“It doesn’t surprise us,” said Feldman, who pointed to a few potential reasons why collectors might buy more NFTs during games. The first is that Dapper launched a game book feature that offers weekly challenges based on collecting NFTs and interacting with the platform, especially on match days.

Users who complete the challenges can earn rewards ranging from cosmetic perks for their profile, like trophies and banners, to NFT packs. Feldman sees NFL All Day as a complement to football fans’ existing online game day routines, including social media chat or participation in fantasy leagues.

“We’re not asking anyone to change their behavior,” he said. “Instead, we’re just giving them the opportunity to own some of the action they’re already excited about.”

Feldman also credited the Playbook feature with driving traffic to the NFL All Day community, with a 53% week-over-week increase in visitors to his Discord server in the first week of the season, as well. than a 65% increase in Discord chat activity. .

Dapper Labs also advertises its NFT collectibles platform on the official NFL Network, with ads featuring Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, and also uses paid social media promotion. to try to attract new users.

NFL All Day has a similar approach to Dapper NBA best shot platform, which burst into the mainstream in early 2021 as The NFT market has grown in importance. Both platforms take the best existing video moments from each respective league and turn them into digital collectibles, each limited to a certain number of editions. An NFT is a blockchain token that represents ownership of an item, such as collectibles and artwork.

But the NFL has a very different cadence than the NBA. While the basketball league has games throughout the week, the NFL concentrates most of its games on Sundays, with only a few games played on Mondays and Thursdays. This gives Dapper the ability to focus content and promotions on certain days, and also seems to drive a definite boost in sales.

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