Jason Momoa Packed Fast X In Rome, And His Adventures Included Sistine Chapel Apologies, Hells Angels And More

Jason Momoa has been riding high lately. Fan favorite actor was cast in the highly anticipated x fastworked in Rome following the gig and reportedly even dating Eiza González after his split from Lisa Bonet. Momoa finished filming in Italy on the last Fast and Furious entered last weekend, and it looks like his time in the European country has been more than eventful. His international adventures included a variety of things, from Sistine Chapel apologies to Hells Angels.

the fast furious The franchise has taken audiences (and its cast and crew) to some very interesting and beautiful places, and Italy is certainly a cinematically appealing destination. Jason Momoa marked the end of his stay in the country by posting a message on his Instagram stories, which you can see below:

Jason Momoa's Instagram Stories

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Make a FF the film is no small feat, so anyone involved in a production would surely appreciate some downtime. And given the fame and remarkable architecture of the Sistine Chapel, it is more than understandable that the Aquaman alum would like to visit when he wasn’t filming. About a week ago, the star took to Instagram to share photos and videos of her time at the religious site.

However, Jason Momoa would later receive backlash from fans, who said photography of any kind was not allowed in the chapel. He then posted a video on instagram, during which he was training at the gym. After putting down the weights, he expressed his gratitude to Universal Pictures and Vin Diesel for add it to the fast furious family. He then approached his trip to the Sistine Chapel with some honest thoughts:

It’s my last day in Rome, and I love you and Italy […] If you ever thought I was disrespecting your culture, that was not my intention. I came here around 19 or 20 to really experience the Sistine Chapel and come to the Vatican and the Pieta is one of my favorites. Now that I can, I made a wonderful donation to bring my friends and crew as we only had a few days off.

Of course, because he’s a top star, the actor’s presence didn’t go unnoticed by other tourists. As he explained later, passers-by were eager to get snapshots with him but, before forcing them, he made sure to have them erased:

I found that people really wanted to take pictures with me. I was very respectful and asked permission for what I thought was correct. I would never want to do anything to disrespect someone’s culture. So if I did, I apologize.

Fans weren’t the only ones who noticed Jason Momoa, as many paparazzi also turned their attention to him. With that, he brought out the Hells Angels with him. I don’t know about you, but if I saw Momoa and the members of the legendary motorcycle club hanging out together, I’d be way too intimidated to approach them, let alone ask for a photo. While in the country, Momoa was frank about “the problems” he encountered with public meetings. As a result, he even had to put on a ridiculous scarf so he could (unsuccessfully) move around unnoticed. But hey, you have to do what you have to do, right?

Nonetheless, it’s good to see that he enjoyed his time in Italy overall and the opportunity to play in a fast furious film. Here are many more international adventures and cool acting gigs for the star!

You can consult The villainous role of Jason Momoa in x fast when the film hits theaters on May 19, 2023.

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