Jeddah Jungle – An exquisite place to embark on adventures

JEDDAH – While the new age, characterized by phenomenal speed accelerated by technology, has made most things much easier for us, now is the time to calm down a bit and allow ourselves to explore and dive into enriching experiences that would take us out of our comfort zone. Of course, now is a good time to learn more about the nature around us and explore many things that we might have overlooked in the past.

And one of those exciting and interesting things that will help us to explore more and increase our knowledge is the animal world, because it is a great choice for families or friends if they are ready to try new experiences.

Being one of the main areas of Jeddah 2022 season, Jeddah jungle would definitely be the right place to embark on new adventures as it is home to over 1000 animals from wild animals to birds and many more .

It also includes multiple activities that cater to the tastes of all age groups

The Safari Game Drive: It is an exciting experience for adventurers, allowing them to get to know wild animals and predators up close through an enrichment circuit by car or bus while ensuring the safety of people.

During the tour, people will be able to see several species of the king of the jungle – the lion – as well as tigers, cheetahs, gazelles, Arabian oryx and ostriches, and learn about their features and characteristics.

People will also be able to see the rare golden tiger, of which there are three in the Jeddah jungle out of only 30 in the world. In addition, it has three wild tigers, among a total of 1,200 in the world. We also note the presence of a male and three females of the liger, which is a hybrid of a lion and a tigress.

Seeing many lions, the Safari tour will take people on an exciting journey that they might feel like they are inside one of the famous Disney movies: “The Lion King”.

The Taxidermy Museum

The museum has a collection of more than 200 mummified animals, including wild animals, birds, sea animals, predators and many more.

The museum has a great history behind it. Saudi citizen Mohammad Yahya Al-Mosayier, who received visitors and told them about the museum, said the museum belonged to his family. His uncle Ibrahim Al-Mosayier started the project as an early hobby, when he used to mummify birds.

Al-Mosayier said this hobby became a passion for his uncle and he traveled abroad to learn more about mummification. He had obtained certificates in this field, which made him, on his return to Saudi Arabia, train his brothers and nephews, until they launched the mummification museum project.

Al-Mosayier pointed out that all the objects that were mummified in the museum were embalmed naturally, after they died either due to illness or a change in the weather, during the transportation process, or due to their old age. He claimed the animals were not deliberately harmed or killed.

The jungle of Jeddah is one of the most ideal places for children, because bringing children closer to animals is very important for acquiring new educational and sensory skills. This improves and develops their sense of compassion and kindness towards animals, in addition to learning to assume their responsibilities.

Children discover many animals at school, but seeing them in front of them consolidates information and enriches their knowledge. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for parents to teach their kids about animal rights. There are several activities for children in the jungle of Jeddah that allow them to feed the animals and interact with them in the safest way.

The Jeddah Jungle also includes several interactive activities. The Luca Land with more than 50 types of pet dogs is for all dog lovers.

archery; go-karting; adventure zone; The farm; Land of Reptiles; The aviary; Elephant enclosure; Lightning Garden; Paintball; jungle track; and roaming acts are a few other attractions.

Jeddah Jungle also stands out for providing visitors with an integrated experience, as it includes many restaurants and cafes, ice cream parlors, in addition to several other facilities, such as parking, golf carts, scooters, prayer rooms, nursery, toilets, etc on.

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