Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris dominate the Hawks


The Philadelphia 76ers were looking to make a bigger effort at home on Saturday in order to secure a victory over a fairly solid Atlanta Hawks team. They did manage to take out the Detroit Pistons on Thursday, but it wasn’t a very inspiring effort.

In it, the Sixers got to work early and often as they built a double-digit lead in the first quarter and she climbed to 33 in this one en route to a 122-94 victory. . After a slow start, Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris had solid games for Philadelphia. Embiid had 19 points and five rebounds while Harris had 22 points on a 9-on-13 shot and 11 rebounds to set the stage for a big win.

Seth Curry added 15 points, Tyrese Maxey 16 points and Danny Green added six, four rebounds and three assists. Andre Drummond had eight points and five rebounds off the bench, Shake Milton added 11 with four rebounds and Matisse Thybulle had three blocks and four steals while he was stellar on this side while scoring 11 points.

Here are the player ratings after a solid home win:

The second-year goaltender took on the difficult task of defending Hawks star Trae Young and started the game pretty well. He was forcing him to have harsher looks and then on the other end he wasn’t afraid to chase after him and get into the painting. He was called for a few fouls as Young touched him a bit, but other than that he was pretty good on defense. He stayed true to his technique and he was able to give the team a boost in that regard. He also did some clutch play early in the fourth to keep the Hawks at bay.

Duke’s shooter was definitely chased by the Hawks on the defensive end. In every game of Curry, the Hawks were going after him and it makes sense. He’s not the greatest defender, but luckily for him, he was able to start on the attacking side of the pitch and be a big help there. His offensive production in the third quarter was essential for Philadelphia to continue expanding their lead.

Green reversed his two triples in the first half after going 0-0 in the win over the Detroit Pistons on Thursday. He also played solid defense on the perimeter which is still a big help for the veteran these days. He’s also filled in the stats sheet a bit on his side, which is always a plus for Philadelphia on his part.

As always, Harris is a guy who needs to be able to give the team a consistent offensive source. He had a few shots early in the game that surrounded him, but he helped on the glass and that allowed him to get into his attacking rhythm afterwards. The thing with Harris is you think he’s having a calm game and then a glance at the stats sheet reveals he scored at an efficient pace and was a key player in the game. .

It seemed like the big guy was content with triples at first which took a toll on his rating in this one, but he was eventually able to work his way into the paint and be able to dominate at the bottom. The Hawks threw guys like Clint Capela and Gorgui Dieng at him, but Embiid is so smart he was still able to figure it out against these guys. He hit the free throw line seven times in the first half, which showed his aggressiveness. He was very engaged on the defensive and it looked like he was really leading the way following his comments about the team’s poor defensive efforts.

It’s good to have Milton out there again as another ball handler. While not a real playmaker either, he made some nice plays in the pick-and-roll that led to a Drummond dunk and he was able to get hold of some buckets as well. He’s also a big help for this bench scoring team, so Milton’s return was a big help for their offensive flow.

The Minivan had five points and two rebounds off the bench in the first half as they continue to be reliable for the second unit. He was also a big help defensively as he was always in the right places during defensive rotations and was able to be a big help there. The only downside was his poor shot, but it’s just a rare night’s rest for him.

Thybulle came on in the first quarter and he immediately gave the team a spark as they needed it. He was active in the passing lanes, he got his hands on balls and he bothered the Hawks so much that he was tripped by Danilo Gallinari, who was ruled as a gross foul. He then absolutely swallowed two Cam Reddish sweaters that set the crowd on fire. These two blocs were simply disrespectful. His defensive effort helped Philadelphia build a double-digit lead early on.

The Andre Drummond experiment was at full speed to start this one. There was one possession where he made a good move in the paint, then lost the ball, then frantically knocked it over to a teammate, there was a miss, and he knocked the ball over for a bucket. Again, it was all in one possession. What it does mean is that the two-time former All-Star continues to bring energy to the pitch, regardless of the outcome. He was a big help in the fourth quarter when the Sixers fought off the Hawks.

The fifth year bomber had a bit of “meh” at night. He didn’t really win at all on the offensive side and he didn’t do much defensively either. He seemed a little beside himself in this one. The first basket he made shouldn’t even have counted since Drummond should have been called for offensive interference in the basket.

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