KGF Chapter 2 Downloads Rise Despite Statement About Illegal Recordings

KGF Chapter 2 has just been shown in theaters, but illegal downloads and torrents are increasing despite positive statements from the production team.

What has already been a dramatic week for the Indian film industry is about to turn supersonic, as fans from around the world flock to theaters over the long weekend. The film on everyone’s lips? KGF Chapter 2.

The Yash-directed action sequel has become one of the most anticipated movies in recent memory, garnering a whopping 254 million views on its trailer alone.

KGF Chapter 2 finally arrived in theaters this week, but the production team is already discussing illegal torrenting of the film as some viewers seek to download the film from home.


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KGF Chapter 2 suffers from leaks, torrents and downloads

After more than 18 months of various coronavirus-related delays and postponements, KGF Chapter 2 finally premiered in theaters on Thursday, April 14.and2022.

However, hours after cinemas opened their doors to would-be fans, illegal torrent websites had already shared links to download the film.

Bollywood Life first reported the leaks, noting that downloads were available on various well-known sites including Tamilrockers and Movierulz.

Unfortunately, the taping of movies from cinemas and the leaking of copies online has been a major problem for the Indian film industry, especially over the past five years, as these illegal streaming platforms continue to gain traction. popularity.

As noted by DNA India, “KGF Chapter 2 is not the first movie to be pirated. Previously movies like Beast, Attack, Radhey Shyam, RRR and Valimai have also been targeted by torrent sites.

Hombale Films Releases Statement On KGF Chapter 2 Upload

While torrenting and downloading KGF Chapter 2 likely won’t have a significant impact on box office revenue, it does pose a problem for the production team and distribution partners.

Fortunately, Hombale Films, the production company behind KGF Chapter 2, and director Neel were quick to respond to the downloadable drama on social media. In a statementHombale said “it took 8 years of blood, sweat and tears to bring you all to KGF.”

“We all urge you not to take videos while watching KGF Chapter 2 in cinemas and upload them to the internet. Let’s all experience the grandness of KGF in theaters only and not spoil it for others who are waiting to watch it in theaters. – Hombale Films, via Twitter.

Neel would then be share statement and add: “The fight against piracy starts with you!” Please do not take videos and photos and avoid posting them online! So NO to HACKING.

The original statement also included ways for fans to report illegal download and torrent links, including contacting outlets and, as well as various WhatsApp groups.

Get ready for a grand opening race on the weekend

KGF Chapter 2 is set to have an amazing opening weekend, after its theatrical debut on Thursday, April 14and.

According to MPNRC, the film has grossed over Rs 275 Crore so far, Rs 12 Crore domestically and Rs 165 Crore internationally.

It was after an exceptional opening day, where KGF Chapter 2 would have raked in nearly Rs 134.6 Crore!

In fact, Sacnilk reports that KGF Chapter 2 has the potential to be the very first Kannada film to cross Rs 1000 Crores globally. The movie even became the fastest movie to read Rs 100 Crore in the Hindi dub, overtaking Baahubali 2 which took three days to hit that mark.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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