Koo sees increase in downloads thanks to vernacular content

Local microblogging app Koo saw more 15 million downloads and is approaching 20 million. This growth in India is mainly due to the localization of the content on the platform and the ease of use.

“Our community is getting stronger”, he sounds Aprameya Radhakrishna, CEO and Co-Founder, Koo app. A wide range of topics such as cricket, spirituality, entertainment, journalism, politics, among others, have contributed to the growth of the platform.

Celebrities in these fields have joined the platform to express themselves and speak for the first time in their own language, says Aprameya.

He adds, “Microblogging is a format where you don’t come and create once in a blue moon, you create every day, you share every thought. I think it is very stimulating for the general Indian public.

Recognizing that Koo is a social media platform and exposed to the risks of cyber fraud, the brand recently partnered with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the team Indian Computer Emergency Response (CERT-In) to raise awareness about cybersecurity in October, which is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

At present, more than 50 percent of users on the type of application in Hindi. Aprameya shares that the content of the app is largely influenced by the categories of poetry and literature.

Users of the platform also write original poetry and regularly share their thoughts, which is unique to language communities, according to Aprameya. The latest user of the app is a veteran actor and poet, Piyush Mishra, who will use the platform to connect with fans and share poems, thoughts and lyrics in Hindi.

“We are committed to making it easier to speak the local language as we move forward,” says Aprameya. Koo’s keyboard is designed to be easy to use for vernacular users and it also offers the ability to download videos.

Going forward, the brand will explore new video experiences that can be integrated into the app. It will focus on enriching the user experience, onboarding more users and gradually scaling the microblogging site.

Aprameya hints at a fundraising round next year and is looking to explore multiple income options as well. According to their vision, each user should be able to create their own microworld within Koo.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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