LA almost loses the lead over the Rockets but wins


The The Los Angeles Lakers won a victory over the Houston Rockets Sunday 95-85.

Los Angeles is now on a two-game winning streak after defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday, but head coach Frank Vogel changed the roster for this game.

Russell Westbrook, Avery Bradley, Kent Bazemore, LeBron James and Anthony Davis were the starters. Vogel credited Bradley for his energy it changed the game for the Cavaliers, and spacing and defense improved noticeably in the first half.

Carmelo Anthony had a hot first half when he broke through shot after shot, and the Lakers ended up leading by 28 points at one point.

However, the Lakers once again let go of the accelerator in the fourth and gave Houston a ray of hope. However, LA got a 95-85 victory.

Here’s how the Lakers ranked individually:

Russell Westbrook: B-plus

Westbrook had 20 points, nine assists, eight rebounds and only returned it twice. His shot wasn’t there in the second half, but he finished with a high of plus-25 in 35 minutes.

Avery Bradley: C

Bradley’s strong perimeter defense had an immediate impact on the game and he finished with three interceptions and a block on the night to prove it. However, he missed his four points by 3 points, which lowered his rating.

Kent Bazemore: B-less

Bazemore pulled off the punches he was supposed to make: three corners and a midrange jumper after a sideways pick-and-roll with Davis. He also added three interceptions because his defense was mostly solid all night. A failed open layup in transition lowered his rating.

LeBron James: C-plus

It was certainly not James’ best performance. He’s had eight assists and seven rebounds, but his shot remains cold. He scored 15 points on 6 of 19 shots and missed all six of his 3 points. However, his defense against the ball was formidable when he fully engaged, which led to four interceptions.

Anthony Davis: C-plus

Davis had 16 points and 13 rebounds to go with two assists, a steal and a block, but it wasn’t his most significant outing. He went 7 of 17 from the field but lacked interior dominance in attack.

Carmelo Anthony: A-plus

Anthony entered the game and started shooting straight away. He finished the game with 23 of 5 points on 8 3-pointers. He also added four blocks, so it was about as complete a performance as possible for the 37-year-old forward.

Austin Reaves: C-less

Austin Reaves played 20 minutes but didn’t make any major plays. He was solid in defense, but the offensive impact didn’t show in this one. He returned it three times but scored two points, which is not a good ratio to have.

Monk Malik: F

Malik Monk had his worst performance as a Laker. He missed all six field goal attempts, including four on three points. He started playing isolation ball in the fourth quarter as the Rockets came back into the game, so that wasn’t what he could do.

DeAndre Jordan: B

DeAndre Jordan converted some easy second half lobs to help increase the lead. He finished with eight points on 4 of 4 shots, three rebounds, two assists, two blocks and one steal in 17 minutes on the bench, so it was a solid game for his new role instead of being a starter in each. half time.



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