Lakers’ LeBron James becomes oldest player since Michael Jordan to record 40 points, 10 rebounds in game


When the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night, LeBron James was wrapping up one year and starting another. It was the last game of the 2021 calendar year and the first since he was 37. He put on a show for the special occasion.

In the game’s very first possession, he managed a dribble transfer and buried a deep 3-point pointer. The next time around, he put Damian Lillard on a switch and bullied him on the block for one and one. From there, he and the Lakers were gone. The Lakers never hung out, as LeBron finished with 43 points, 14 rebounds and four assists while shooting 16 for 26 from the field.

It was LeBron’s first 40-point game of the season and made him the oldest player to score 40 points and 10 rebounds in a game since Michael Jordan pulled off the feat at 40 in 2003. LeBron also became the oldest player to accumulate 40 points and 14 rebounds.

“I’m literally trying to prepare my mind, body and soul for how I can stay young in a young man’s game,” LeBron said. “Sometimes you have to remind people that you can still do what you are doing at a high level, and I have just been blessed, very blessed and kept on working. Because that is what it all comes down to. It boils down to putting the job in place and everything else will take care of itself. “

Those comments, and LeBron’s big night, came after he admitted earlier this week that he was thinking about retirement and knew he was “on the other side of the hill.” But while that day may arrive, LeBron has no intention of stopping as he “continues to perform at such a high level.”

The standard isn’t much higher than LeBron’s performance against the Blazers on Friday. Thanks to LeBron, the Lakers have secured a well-deserved victory as they try to get back on track. They have now won two of their last three games after a five-game losing streak earlier this month. But despite recent positive results, they are still under 0.500 at 18-19 years old and sit seventh in the Western Conference.

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