LeBron James wonders if he’ll miss games with a bad knee

For the past few weeks, LeBron James has struggled with swelling and pain in his left knee, which has caused him to miss some games, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting better anytime soon.

After the team’s loss to the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, when asked if he could possibly sit out a few games to rest his knee if the Lakers weren’t in “a dire situation,” James seemed commit to keeping busy and playing until the end. pain.

“I would probably be in uniform no matter what,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if we were nine games under .500 or if we were nine games over .500. It all depends on how you feel. My love for the game and the way I play the game and my outfit has nothing to do with records and things of that nature. It’s just not me.

The four-time MVP missed Monday’s game against the San Antonio Spurs, which was also a loss. Several weeks ago, he missed five straight games because of that troublesome knee.

Injuries may have been the main reason why LA is a dismal 28-37. The team is still without Anthony Davis, who is recovering from a sprained foot.

If the Lakers will have any hope of at least retaining their dignity by reaching the play-in tournament and making the playoffs, James will have to keep playing while playing well. He had a bad shooting game against Houston and couldn’t win the LA contest at the end of regulation.

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