‘lose95’ makes room for downloads with high stakes deletes

You have a ton of files uploaded in lose95, but very little space on your hostile hard drive. Better to get rid of some things. Except those things would rather get rid of you.

You have a progress bar at the bottom left of the screen that shows that your hard disk is filling up regularly. Maybe you should have looked at this BEFORE you started downloading all this stuff? No time for that now, though. You have to rush through your folders and click on items to get rid of them. Deletion is quick, thankfully, but you just need to keep an eye on your file path to know where you are on your computer. You’ll destroy the machine if it gets too full, and you can’t delete stuff if you get lost in a winding file path.

lose95 - a file folder that shows a popup saying You Got Stunned

Not all of your files want you to get rid of them. Some of them will take stunning photos to prevent you from deleting them. Others will bring up pop-ups on the screen that will interfere with your work. You can close pop-ups, but that’s time spent not deleting files. Moving files and other attacking documents will also appear, all trying to slow you down. Don’t they realize that the whole computer is in danger? Luckily, as you move through the different drives, you’ll get tools that will speed up the stun, give you a chance to dodge incoming fire, or grant you items that will allow you to get power. free disk space. They’re handy tools, and since it’s easy to get lost in a file path or cluttered with angry files, you’ll need them.

lose95 is engaging and fun, and quickly got me through a few hours deleting files at high speed. I had no idea cleaning the computer could be so exciting.

lose95 - an image of a folder of files, along with a progress bar indicating an incoming download

lose95 is now available on itch.io.

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