March 2022 PS Plus Free Games Could Be Further Evidence of Project Spartacus Rumor

At this point, the rebranding of PSMore and the new structured tier system as a way to compete with Xbox Game Pass is Sony’s worst-kept secret. Many reliable insiders started sharing information after its initial report, and skipping a minor detail here or there, there’s already a lot going on about the PS Plus/Xbox Game Pass upgrade contender.

However, nothing is official yet. Sony could change a number of things about this, including game access, pricing, demos, and more. Sony has the power to roll it back too, but looking at the free PS Plus games for March 2022, it’s pretty clear that this upgrade is still on Sony’s mind.


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PS Plus Free Games For March 2022 – A Weird Arrangement

free ps plus games march 2022

Next month, PS Plus subscribers will be able to claim ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4), Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS4 or PS5), Ghostrunner (PS5 only), Sonic Racing Team (PS4), and grand theft auto online (March 15, available for three months). The thing is, this line of games is unnecessarily complicated. ARK and Sonic Race are correct, but for Ghostrunner it’s only on PS5. According to official information, the benefits of this game do not apply to the PS4 version.

Then there is grand theft auto online which is confusing for many fans. GTA online was announced as a PS Plus game when it released in November, was delayed, got a new release date, is still free for PlayStation players for three months, but it’s unclear if PS Plus is required for that aspect…although PS Plus is required to play. Nevertheless, he is somehow connected remotely. Then there is Ghost of Tsushima: Legendswhich is labeled as a “bonus game”.

It would be odd to call it a bonus game when PS Plus has already given away four base games, a second PS5 game in a month prior, and there don’t seem to be any special stipulations for it. The only real benefit the “bonus game” gives PS Plus is a greater sense of reward, which, given that nothing else really fits, could be a move to the next PS Plus Project Spartacus upgrade.

How language changes may indicate the next PS Plus upgrade

ps plus 2022 spartacus

This month, fans noticed on the PS Plus image the change to say “available this month at no extra cost” instead of “available for PS Plus members”. There’s really no reason to change that, but for a while it was. This was probably a small aspect of the upgrade being accidentally done, as PS Plus should be better defined if there were levels. There were also a few other odds and ends, all pointing to this upcoming tier system. This bonus game probably does too. Again, there’s no reason to label a PS Plus game as a bonus game given its history, and it would only make sense if “bonuses” were an integral part of PS Plus, which is not is not the case.

So whether it’s bonus demos, bonus access, or a level-based bonus game of Project Spartacus, it’s hard to imagine how it works. But, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this new PS Plus subscription service use the word “bonus” quite a bit.

PSMore subscribers typically receive a handful of free games each month.

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