Mayhem makes monstrous offseason moves, adds 3 top ten players, 5 in total


Photo credit: Facundo Etchecolatz (IG: @facundoe)

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At the 2021 CrossFit Games, thirty-three athletes competed under the Mayhem Athlete banner in all divisions, by far the most training camps, and a record for the Cookeville-based training facility. During the offseason, they took strategic steps to strengthen the roster even further, adding five individual athletes, three of whom finished in the top 10 in 2021.

Who is new on the list:

  • Panchik saxon – 5th
  • Guilherme Malheiros – 7th
  • Lazar Dukic – 9th
  • Agustin Richelme – Argentinian national champion, finished 32nd
  • Piero Gorichon – Chilean National Champion, 10th in the Brazilian CrossFit Championship
  • Individual athletes already on the list: Alex Vigneault, Royce Dunne, Samuel Cournoyer, Alexandre Caron, Aleksandar Ilin, Stas Solodov, Haley Adams, Baylee Rayl, Jessica Griffith and Sasha Nievas.

A great thing: Mayhem has quietly emerged as the powerful training center for the most elite CrossFit athletes, far exceeding the number of competitors in other camps with the potential to field more than 40 athletes at the 2022 Games in all divisions.

  • It all happened over the course of two seasons when they went from trying to field two super teams at the 2019 Games to winning the Affiliates Cup in 2020 and fielding a full roster of top contenders.
  • It just shows how quickly trends change and evolve in the elite landscape.

A closer look at the five newcomers:

  • Saxon panchik: With the official decision to integrate Facundo Etchecolatz as Main Programmer of Mayhem Athlete, some of the athletes he previously coached are now under the Mayhem umbrella. At the top of that list is the 5th fittest man in the world, Saxon Panchik, and it’s clear their relationship has resulted in a great performance so far. Perhaps it was this relationship and the subsequent results that encouraged others to want to follow suit and enter with the Mayhem team. Saxon now has four consecutive Games appearances and has just set a career-best 5th place record, improving on his previous best of 9th in 2019.
  • Guilherme Malheiros: Malheiros was right at the top of the list after this summer’s Games of athletes everyone was talking about. His performance at the Games was obviously fantastic, taking seventh place overall; but it was emphatically reinforced by three impressive victories in the event. When asked about the decision-making process, Malheiros was succinct and clear in his response: “If you want to be a shark, you have to swim with sharks”. Malheiros confirmed his performance at the Games last weekend at the Rogue Invitational (where he took 5th place), including securing two more wins (over the Bella complex and the duel).
  • Lazar dukic: The ninth Lazar Dukic completes the trio of top ten men who are now lined up with the Mayhem crew. The fittest five-time man from Serbia has been preparing for this kind of success for a few years now. Declining his invitation in 2019, he preferred to wait until he really felt ready to be competitive at the Games to attend. He did it this year and, as a result, reaped the rewards of his performance in the form of new opportunities, one of which was with Mayhem. “I wanted to start working with Mayhem and Facundo as a coach because Mayhem only attracts and invites the best in the sport into their circle. They have so much experience with the Games and all the competitions that can be of use to me. I’ve known Facundo since 2019, when I won a competition he and Mayhem organized. He has contacted me to check in several times since then so we won’t need a lot of time to get to know each other either. As with Saxon and Gui, Lazar competed last weekend at Rogue (and made his official Instagram announcement of his roster with Team Mayhem).
  • National Champions of South America Agustin Richelme (Argentina) and Piero Gorichon (Chile) have also teamed up with Facundo and the Mayhem group of athletes, adding to the pedigree they will have ahead of the 2022 season.

The big picture: Rich Froning and the Mayhem Empire are thriving in a variety of fields, including agriculture, coffee, nascar, and hosting international competitions, but they are also taking a big step in 2021 and heading into 2022 to brag. also on the most prolific list of male athletes. . Add it to the list of things going on in Cookeville, TN.

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