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Consumers around the world have downloaded Meta’s Oculus app, the mobile companion for Oculus VR devices, including the Quest 2, around 2 million times worldwide since Christmas Day, according to new data from third-party app intelligence companies Apptopia and Sensor Tower. Already there had been an indication that the Quest 2 was a popular holiday gift after the Oculus app pulled to the top of the Apple App Store for the first time on Christmas Day and has also become the most popular free app on Google Play in the United States.

During Christmas week in the United States (December 23 to December 29), Oculus app adoption jumped 517% week-over-week to 1.5 million installs, Sensor tower the data indicates.

In the week since, the company saw those installations drop 77% to 345,000 from December 30 to January 5, but that figure is still 42% higher than in the week before Christmas 2021. And it is likely that these newer downloads still include those who recently received a new Oculus device for the holidays, but had not yet had time to set it up.

While the United States accounted for the majority of post-Christmas installs, app intelligence companies estimate that in total, the app has seen around 2 million installs globally from Christmas Day to today. ‘hui on the App Store and Google Play combined.

Sensor Tower’s estimate is a bit more conservative on this front, as the company said the app saw around 1.8 million installs globally from December 31, 2021 to January 5, 2022. Meanwhile, Apptopia reports that the Oculus app has been downloaded 2.189 million times around the world from Christmas to present day. Of those 2 million and more installations, about 79% (or 1.727 million) were attributed to U.S. consumers, he noted.

Image credits: Past data from Apptopia shows increase in Christmas 2021

To put these numbers in a broader perspective, the app’s installation numbers for the 2021 holidays are closer to total number of annual downloads that the app saw in its early days.

Launched in April 2018, the Oculus app saw 1.2 million downloads in its first year on the market, followed by 2.4 million downloads in 2019. Things picked up in 2020, when 4.4 million Global consumers have installed the app, according to data from Apptopia. In 2021, the Oculus app benefited from the Quest 2 launch in fall 2020 and jumped to 10.62 million installs. The United States accounted for 7.218 million of these installations, or 68%.

Sensor Tower’s data is even a bit more conservative here, as the app was downloaded just over 8 million times globally in 2021 on the App Store and Google Play, not 10.6 million.

But whatever numbers are closest to accuracy, the two companies agree that in just days since Christmas, the Oculus app has gained somewhere in the range of 2 million more downloads.

Meta has yet to respond to a request for comment on third-party estimates, but the most recent adoption figures for Quest 2 come from Qualcomm, whose chipset powers new VR devices. The company said in November 2021 that Meta had shipped 10 million Quest 2 units nowadays.

The Oculus app works with Legal product (Rift and Rift S), but these new downloads are probably not for discontinued products, but rather Quest 2. Meta has started expedition the Quest 2 in October 2020, which means it has over a year under its belt as the company’s flagship device – a device meant to make VR adoption more affordable at its price point entry-level $ 299. And after Facebook announced its big rebranding to Meta last year and detailed its plans for the “metaverse,” more consumers may have taken an interest in exploring VR for the first time, contributing recent growth in facilities.

While app downloads are typically not a proxy for real-world adoption, in the case of Oculus, they can help paint a picture of how many consumers may have recently purchased – or received a giveaway – a new Oculus VR device. The app allows consumers to download new VR apps and games, and find friends to hook up with in VR, so it’s something most Quest 2 owners will choose to install.

Since Jan. 5, the Oculus app has fallen in the ranking of the US App Store, which takes into account both installations and speed, among other factors. It is now No. 111 overall but a respectable No. 10 in the entertainment category where it is listed.

Additionally, Apptopia reports that the app is seeing decent engagement from its new users. The company estimates that the Oculus app has 2.41 million daily active users, above previous levels. This figure indicates that users haven’t just set up the app once and then ditched it, but are still actively exploring the world of VR.

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