Minecraft Player beats the game without technically killing any mobs

When people think of Minecraft, they don’t tend to think high-octane action or all-out violence. As one of the best video games for inducing mindfulness in gamers, it’s enough to lose to the likes of Skyrim and Tetris, the sprawling world that Mojang has created is often filled with peace and creativity, with the odd moment of peril when players go out to mine or explore at night. However, to complete the game, it is necessary to kill certain creatures to progress. But this person managed to do it without racking up casualties.


In a video uploaded a few days ago, YouTuber SwitchBackMongo showed that it is in fact possible to access the end credits of Minecraft without technically killing mobs. There were a few caveats to the game, including not physically killing an enemy itself or “directly triggering a kill”, such as dropping lava or using flint and steel to ignite mobs on fire . Essentially, the end goal was to see if it was possible to complete the game without the stats showing that a single mob had been killed by the player.

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It was much harder than originally planned, especially since there are two enemies that must be defeated in order to complete the main quest. The first is the brazier, which is found in the Nether and is used to gather brazier rods. The second is MinecraftThe final boss of the Ender Dragon. To fight the former, SwitchBackMongo used a pack of wolves to kill a series of fires, which the game does not register as a direct player kill, so it is not added to the stats. The way to defeat the Ender Dragon, without the popular explosive bed tactic, was to place TNT on top of a block of redstone and allow the dragon to detonate them itself, causing damage.

Although the video doesn’t show the full run from start to finish, the YouTuber does show segments of it, such as being able to get food without killing animals, and after the last moment they open the stats page to prove that the game has indeed recorded 0 kills. There are many interesting challenges in Minecraft to inject new ways to play, and what SwitchBackMongo has achieved is pretty impressive, especially considering the workaround to defeat the only two enemies that need to be killed.

As a video game with nearly endless replay value, there’s so much that can be done, and fans are making it clear that there’s still plenty to discover. It also shows that the community is full of dedicated people who, after ten years, still love the open-world sandbox title.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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