Minecraft Player shows replica parrots and jukeboxes

Gamer art takes a broken speaker and turns it into a real-life replica of a jukebox seen in Minecraft, complete with a wooden parrot.

Minecraft Player shows replica parrots and jukeboxes

As you might suspect, one of the reasons for the massive appeal of Minecraft is the number of items to be crafted. There’s no shortage of craftable items in the game, from crafting tools and weapons to maps and books and everything in between. Among this seemingly endless amount of craftable items is the jukebox.

Jukeboxes are one of the most entertaining items found in Minecraft. As the name suggests, these blocks can be placed on the ground, providing music to people nearby. However, players must collect Minecraftmusic discs for the jukebox to work. Currently, 14 different songs can be used with these musical elements. Recently, a player decided to recreate this awesome block in real life.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as Jappiedappie12345 shared several photos showing off some actual items they made. What made these objects intriguing was that they were based on the designs of a jukebox and a parrot seen in Minecraft. Impressively, the jukebox shared a stunning resemblance to its in-game counterpart. It featured the same square shape and had a brown color with a dark border. Additionally, the parrot was intricately carved out of wood and had roughly the same proportions as those found in the game.

Music box-1

Beyond showing off the replicas on Reddit, Jappiedappie12345 shared some details about how the replica was made. Minecraft elements. According to the creator, the inspiration to start the construction project came after their Bluetooth speaker broke. Following this unfortunate event, they decided to repair it and make it a replica of a jukebox. When completed, the size of the jukebox was 16x16x16 cm. Besides these Reddit user-created stuff, they revealed that they plan to do more Minecraft objects in real life over the next few days.

Music box and parrot

Since posting these replica parrots and jukeboxes on Reddit, many members of the Minecraft the community took notice. With over 2.1,000 upvotes in less than a week, many were impressed with the level of detail. “If it’s not art, I don’t know what ‘art’ means,” said a Reddit user known as THATCookies. Additionally, another person known as happyholidayboyboy suggested that the creator make music record cases to store records next to the jukebox. A few other suggestions for future creations were an ender piston and chest.

It is often exciting to see art lovers Minecraft create real-life artwork based on the procedurally generated worlds found in-game. Besides these awesome jukebox and parrot replicas made by Jappiedappie12345, another fan recently took to Minecraft music discs in real coasters. It will be interesting to see what resourceful fans come up with next.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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