MLB Lockdown News: Live Updates as Negotiations Resume; more games likely to be canceled without Wednesday’s deal

The lockout imposed by the owner of Major League Baseball, in its 98th day, faces another decisive point on Wednesday. Representatives from the MLB Players Association and the league are resuming negotiations after the two sides discussed and exchanged proposals until 3 a.m. ET Tuesday. MLB reportedly set another self-imposed deadline this week: If an agreement for a new collective bargaining agreement is reached on Wednesday, players will report to spring training this weekend and play a full 162-game season in 2022; if there is no agreement on Wednesday, other regular season games will be canceled.

What have come to be known as “fundamental economic issues”, a complicated sticking point in negotiations for almost the entire work stoppage, no longer appears to be the main obstacle to a new collective agreement. Rather, it is the league’s desire to implement an international draft that seems to be the last major hurdle. However, at this point, the union seems unlikely to accept it because a significant number of MLBPA members oppose an international draft:

While the union in the past has used changes to the national draft as bargaining chips, even if recruits are not yet members of the players’ association, the implementation of an international draft — which MLB says won’t start until 2024 — may be more complicated for the reasons given by Rosenthal above. The Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr. is one such MLBPA member who has recently expressed his concerns, and he’s surely not the only one with those concerns. Threading this needle will no doubt be complicated for union leaders and may not be possible.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has already canceled the first two series of the 2022 season and postponed Opening Day last week after talks between the two sides broke down on March 1. These matches, however, could be made up and USA Today’s Bob Nightengale says opening day would be April 6 or 7 for teams if there is an offer on Wednesday. The owners addressed some key issues on Tuesday (more on that here), and in their proposal, they raised baseball’s competitive balance tax threshold to $230 million in 2022. The MLBPA proposed a threshold CBT starting at $238 million in 2022, with that number rising to $263 million by Year 5 of the CBA (MLB’s number would only increase to $242 million over the course of the year). year 5). Evan Drellich of The Athletic reported that MLB’s move came with “tied strings” and MLB would like an additional level of CBT penalties and, as noted, the ability to implement an international draft.

Will we have a deal on Wednesday? CBS Sports will provide live updates and analysis of the negotiations. You can follow below.

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